Human Resources Specialist Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 31, 2011

In every company or business, there are employees that work to make the business a successful one. And today, there is great increase in the number of businesses, establishments, company and corporation. This increase also awakened the need for more employees or workers. And in order to be successful, companies should choose the best candidate that would suit them well and will make a positive outlook towards the company. But how can a business choose the best? How can they select the most appropriate person for the job? These problems will be answered by one person, a human resources specialist or HR specialist.

Interested on becoming the answer? Then let’s tackle more about the nature of this job.

What is a Human Resources Specialist?

As a human resources team member, a human resources specialist or an HR specialist helps the team on searching for the most appropriate candidates and hiring these people. They are also in charge for personnel planning and the training of these personnel and other employees.

Duties of a Human Resources Specialist

  • A human resources specialist supports higher personnel on employee-seeking. They supervise the advertisements for these jobs, the recruitment, the application process and employment verification or separation with coordination to the organization’s policies and agreements.
  • Human resources specialists are also in charge for the interpretation of transcript of records, employment records and references.
  • A human resources specialist is responsible for assisting programs for employees regarding the department needs.
  • Human resources specialists also conduct orientation programs for the applying candidates or the newly-recruited.
  • HR specialists also prepare invoices for payroll reporting.
  • Human resources specialists also keep in touch with the employees of other departments to provide information regarding recruitment and employment, transfers and legislation.

Work Condition of a Human Resources Specialist

  • HR specialists work in offices. They work for eight to ten hours a day and are required to report 40 hours a week. They stay in their offices when doing paperwork but they often go to meetings, programs and the likes.

Educational Requirement of a Human Resources Specialist

  • In order to be a human resources specialist, one must bear a bachelor’s degree on Business Management or Human Resources Management. Some employers require a degree on Human Resources Management and other related fields in an accredited institution.
  • Employers prefer candidates who bear certificates in this field.

Occupation and Progress of a Human Resources Specialist

  • Human resources specialists work in offices for an organization or company. Some collaborate with other human resources departments to further enhance the efficiency of their duties. If enough work is given to this job, one can be promoted to an HR Generalist, then to an HR Manager and then to HR Vice President.

Remember, hard work and commitment to your job can lead you to greater heights and bring you to the doorstep of success. There is a great expectation that the employment trend of this job will increase through the years. So if you want to reach the doorstep of success and open that door, then choose this amazing career.

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