PC Support Specialist Job Description

In today’s modern society, most industries are utilizing new technologies to make their administrative task efficient and organized. With this, the demand for pc support specialist play a vital role in assisting companies with computer issues.

What is a pc support specialist?

Pc or computer support specialists are individuals who assist organizations in resolving computer issues. They provide the users with technical assistance in computer system. They also answer and resolve problems with computers for their clients personally, by telephone or from any remote location. They provide assistance on how to use computer software and hardware such as installation, word processing, printing, operating systems and electronic mail.

Duties of a PC support specialist

  • PC support specialists serve as aid desk technicians, answer emails or phone calls from people with hardware or software problems that they can’t solve all by themselves.
  • The problems that PC support specialists deal with may involve word processing, email, operating systems, installation and printing. They ask their clients to explain their computer issues that they have along with some situations which resulted to the problem. Computer support specialists may enter similar computer commands and may repeat similar steps the clients did in order to determine if they can make identical results and detect system errors.
  • PC support specialists are also responsible in describing to their users on how the certain issue happened and the methods to fix them. They can also perform some minor repairs and refer complex problems to technicians. Additionally, computer support specialists may be required to work with computer technicians or programmers, perform diagnostics to computers and read computer manuals in order to help them determine hardware or software issues.

Condition of Work

PC support specialists work in various organizations that utilize information technology (IT), hardware or software vendors and help desk service firms. Their work environments are excellent with well-lit and well-ventilated settings.

Educational Requirements

Many employers prefer PC support specialists who hold a bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer engineering or computer science. Some employers may accept candidates with an associate degree in any computer-related field.

Occupation and Progress

According to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are 565,000 filled jobs as PC support specialists in United States as of year 2008. Employment prospects are projected to increase by 14% on 2008 up to 2018, according to US BLS. The median annual salaries for PC support specialists are about $43,450 per annum.

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