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Accounts Payable Manager Job Description

The Accounts Payable Manager is in charge of overseeing approval and cross reference checks for preservation and operation of account dispensation for all payable dealings within an enterprise.

The Accounts Payable Manager performs all secretarial, informational and record keeping tasks appointed by the Payable Manager and ensures a timely submission of supporting documents for purchase transactions by the company with internal and external clients. The Accounts Payable Manager is responsible for maintaining records for all billable concerns that are carried out by the company, by its employees within all divisions.

The Accounts Payable Manager must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Accounts Payable Manager is responsible for providing final approval for all submitted invoices and check pending requirements from all departments. The job requires a systematic perception of company billing ethics and will accordingly endorse or decline applications for billing, depending on the approved disbursement model for the company.
  • As an Accounts Payable Manager you must approve all sorted and verified invoices in a senior management level, performing final approval for billable accounts which fall into a high-expense category as dictated by the disbursement model of the business unit.
  • The Accounts Payable Manager is accountable for all approved accounts payable in checking, corporate wire transfer authorization and ACH payments made by the accounts payable clerk, and create a banking transaction code for all payables within the department with the exception and superseding authority of the Chief Financial Officer.

Skills that Accounts Payable Manager should possess:

  • Ten years experience in account payables operation and general accounting is required to qualify for the position.
  • Accounts Payable Managers should possess the necessary communication skills in both verbal and written aspects to provide clear direction for the department and dialogue with senior management in the event of declined billable and questionable fund transfer requests.
  • A Accounts Payable Manager is expected keep to date with Accounts Payable practices by attending EBSCO location visits as required by training, and document all A/O procedures for the company. This position requires an experienced manager, capable of multi-currency payment processing of up to 1000 payments per day.

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