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Agronomist Job Description

Have you experienced living in a farm during summer breaks? Or have you watched movies where the setting is in a ranch? Well, apart from the wide landscape we see are the vast farm crops that grow on it. Farmers play a vital role because they are the ones who plant the seeds until it grows. But behind these farmers are the people who promote and maintain the quality and good production of the crops. They are what we call Agronomists. How do these agronomists help our farmers? Let us find out as we continue below.

What is an Agronomist?

An agronomist is likewise known as plant and soil scientist who focus on the study and improvement on the process of growing farm crops. They are the ones who lend a hand to the farmers in the effective usage of their land and recommend techniques to increase harvests. Most of the agronomists are working in state or local government agencies, the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs, and in the United States Department of Agriculture. However, there are other agronomists who are employed at agricultural service companies, agricultural colleges, or companies that make loans for agricultural fields. Some are working for companies that focus on food products while the rest are self – employed consultants to private and public agencies.

Agronomists have a bulk of duties and responsibilities to perform. They are usually working in the field where they conduct research on the land or talk to farmers for consultation. Apart from the hours spent on the work field, they are also sparing time to work in their offices and research laboratories.

Qualifications Needed

Those who are aspiring to enter in this profession must obtain a college degree in agronomy or a relative field like agricultural education, soil conservation, or general agriculture. The degree is usually completed within four years. If you are aiming for a high position then obtaining a graduate degree can be an edge to your credentials.

Employment Outlook and Advancement

An agronomist who have more years of experience plus the degree obtained will land him or her to a high positions like agency administrator, project supervisor, or a manager of a research station. Those who are holding a doctoral degree may venture in teaching and research fields. Employment outlook in this profession is expected to increase rapidly or slower than the average in the year 2014. Job opportunities will rise in demand to replace those who will leave the work field. If an agronomist holds an advanced degree, he or she is more likely to have better job opportunities than the rest.

Salary and Benefits

The salary of an agronomist depends mainly on factors such as experience, educational attainment, working environment, and employer. However, their annual average salary is roughly around $51,000. Those who are employed at the federal government are earning a yearly salary of $73,500. The usual benefits received by an agronomist are paid leaves and holidays, pension plans, and health insurance.

To enter in this field of career, you must take note of the important qualifications to become an agronomist. This job is not like any other easy job since you will frequently exposed in the work field. Keep in mind that good health plus passion and dedication will make you an effective and successful agronomist.

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