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Food Stylist Job Description

The Food Stylist prepares the food items for photographs.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Food Stylist works at the photo studio to style the food items for the photography shoot to achieve the desired appetizing look of the food.
  • The Food Stylist create new recipes for restaurants.
  • The Food Stylist must have a Culinary School or Food Science Bachelor’s Degree.

A degree from a culinary school or food science or photography is a must for a Food Stylist as he must have a vast knowledge about both the aesthetic and scientific ways of preparing the good. It is also desirable for a Food Stylist to have experience in food photography and to have knowledge of computer software used in manipulating the photo. The Food Stylist must be able to work well within a team since he or she will be working alongside art directors, photographers, magazine editors and clients.

The first and foremost responsibility of a Food Stylist is to prepare the food items for advertising photographs, movie scenes, or television commercials. The Food Stylist researches for and obtains the ingredients. Even the props to be used for the shoot, the Food Stylist must also provide. The Food Stylist also experiments with unusual ingredients and comes up with new recipes and exciting food. It is the Food Stylist who also analyzes, selects, cooks and prepares the food before the photo shoot to make sure that it will always look freshly made and ready for the photo shoot. The Food Stylist must be able to perceive the aroma, the taste and the appeal of the food. Creativity is required for the Food Stylist to be able to manipulate the appearance of the food since the food must maintain a uniform look all throughout the photo shoot. Sometimes, a food photo shoot may last for more than 12 hours.

Degrees and Training to Become a Food Stylist

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