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Java Architect Job Description

Java is widely used among all countries for computer programs and systems, mobiles and the internet. At present even grade-schoolers know how to use the computer. They may even be using the Java program without them knowing. With the advancement of the world’s technology, specialists are being scouted more and more.

What is a Java Architect?

A Java Architect is responsible for developing software systems pertaining to the Java program. He creates solutions to several operating systems that may serve the clients. He is a specialist in software development and design.

Duties of a Java Architect

  • A Java Architect is responsible for researching new applications for operating systems.
  • A Java Architect analyzes technical data in creating software systems to allow efficient flow of information technology.
  • A Java Architect designs and implements Java architecture in terms of its methodology, principles and trends.
  • A Java Architect transports solutions in terms of working through the hardware and software operating systems to offer better business and knowledge in information technology.
  • He is also responsible for testing created hardware and software programs.
  • He is also responsible in leading an organization because he is expected to work with specialists in the field of information technology.
  • He is also expected to work in a given timeframe to come up with solutions and creation of software designs.

Work condition of a Java Architect

  • A Java Architect may lead a team of software developers in terms of model reuse, systems analysis, software operating systems, internet and applications.
  • He may work with a private firm that specializes in Java architecture, programming and development.
  • He may also work with university specializing in programming and software solutions.
  • He mostly works in a computer laboratory with other specialist.

Educational Requirements of a Java Architect

  • A Java Architect must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and further studies in Java Architecture, as well as a Master’s Degree in software systems, programming and development solutions.
  • He must also complete the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect certification. He may also obtain certifications in Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect and Oracle Certified Master.
  • He must also have a lengthy professional experience in information technology.

Occupation and Progress of a Java Architect

At present any profession in the information technology business is very in demand. The more complex or specialized the field in information technology, the higher the pay grade is. Currently the annual salary of a Java Architect may range from $50,000 to $90,000. Almost every sector in the business industry seeks the services of software specialists and developers, so there is considerable need of this type of profession. As our years progress so does our need for more knowledge and use of information technology. There is even a rising need of software developers and specialists abroad, thereby increasing opportunities across nations. This profession is considered a specialized skills job. There may be several studies and work experiences needed to land this job, but the financial reward is enormous. One may even work for a much higher position in the field of information technology in a particular firm or organization.

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