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Attorney General Job Description

An Attorney General is the man in-charge of giving legal advices to the Government. This role is mainly about being the counsellor for the government itself; a busy government always needs an Attorney General to keep the Government in tip-top shape and in the right legal side of everything happening inside the government. An Attorney General in common law tradition backs or represents the state, or country for criminal prosecutions. A government can appoint a specific person to do the job, but if given some cases that person cannot attend to such important prosecution; the one who Is representing the state is called an Attorney General.

Duties of an Attorney General

Being an Attorney General is hard work. In the United States the Attorney General was first established in 1897, the main job was to represent the people in all its civil legal matters, to protect public interest. The Attorney General is also known as the chief civil officer. As being an Attorney General you have the power to appoint a Deputy, the job of this deputy is to make sure that all the duties of the Attorney General are done in case of being absent or illness. The main job of the Attorney General is to oversee all legal matters which the state is concerned about.

Condition of Work of an Attorney General

An Attorney General normally has his own office. The attorney general’s excellent working conditions are very much well compensated; having this difficult job of becoming an Attorney General really does have its advantages. Standard work time every week is normally about from 37-40hrs per week. Depends on the country you are in, some other countries offer four weeks of paid leave per year.

Educational Requirements of an Attorney General

Being an Attorney General needs serious Education behind it, being an Attorney alone needs a lot of education background nonetheless an Attorney General needs more education than an Attorney has. You need to have mastered the Law for your country or ought a broad knowledge of politics and how your world is to be run with.

Occupation and Progress of an Attorney General

Before Trying to want a position in Attorney General, you must first know how to work your way up to the ranks, a President alone can appoint an Attorney General and contacts and ties has got a lot to do with it. Try becoming a normal Attorney first, try working on the bench, know how the system works, know the important people in your society, and know how the big dogs do it. An Attorney General is a political position, it’s also wise to have good political ties early in your Attorney life, take the time and try to enjoy it as you rise up through the ranks. You can’t be an Attorney General in just a blink of an eye, you need to work your way up there.

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