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Law Firm Partner Job Description

If you happen to visit a law firm, you will see several staff and clerk on different tables. Each of them has different duties in administrative works to help protect the legal rights of each person.

What is a law firm partner?

A law firm partner runs the daily administrative services of a law firm. They directly supervise the law firm’s legal and technical support teams. They are also responsible in coordinating new cases that are assigned to them. Law firm partners coordinate legal support on staff resources and manage the office budget as well as vendor relationships.

Duties of a law firm partner

  • Law firm office partners facilitate the everyday administrative operations in law firms, supervise support staff, develop and implement office initiatives and ensure that the law office remains compliant with state, federal and local regulations.
  • Law firm partners are in charge of various case assignments and make sure that their employee workload is balance and fair.
  • A law firm partner also handles all issues in human resources. They manage the law firm’s vendor relations and budgets.
  • Daily report is very vital in relation to its budgetary and administrative issues. They also manage payrolls and hiring of clerks and maintain well-organized and effective office facilities.

Condition of Work of a law firm partner

Law firm partners work in administrative offices and judicial or federal courts. Law firm partners have big responsibility in legal documents and reports. A law firm office partner must possess great organizational and interpersonal skills as they interact with different people. They have the ability to work independently and make recommendations and major decisions the support staff and office regulations.

Educational Requirements of a law firm partner

Earning a bachelor’s degree in college is not essential to become a law firm partner. However, aspiring candidates should have a high school diploma and a prior work experience in any corporate legal office and environment. The candidate’s skill in administrative work is a top notch.

Occupation and Progress of a law firm partner

  • Prospective law firm partners can work in either small or large law firms. They may look for job opportunities from profit organizations and with non-profit legal entities.
  • Candidates may directly apply to law firms where they may be interested in working. A lot of job opportunities are advertised in local newspaper as well as online job boards. Aspiring candidates may also join some professional associations like the Association of Legal Administrators wherein candidates may find lots of networking opportunities.

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