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Political Campaign Manager Job Description

The political campaign managers are in charge of the campaign strategy, including media relations and incorporating knowledge of demographics and election laws.

They are in charge of the candidate’s calendar, including deadlines associated with the campaign, events that would be advantageous for the candidate to attend and planned public appearances. Political campaign managers promote a candidate to gain supporters, or in marketing, where they promote the sale of products to the target markets.

The Political Campaign Managers must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The political campaign managers manage the rest of the team.
  • They oversee all aspects of the research, drafting and implementation of a statewide campaign plan.
  • They define roles and negotiate contracts with all vendors, consultants, and staff including general, fundraising, field, and media.
  • They hire and manage campaign staff.
  • They lead fundraising team in identifying and soliciting funds for a significant fundraising campaign.
  • They build broad, effective grassroots campaign including, but not limited to, coalition building, voter.
  • They contact and get-out-the-vote activities.
  • They oversee the development of all paid media production, distribution and broadcast (TV, radio, and direct mail). Manage aggressive free media campaign.
  • They staff statewide campaign committee and coordinate other statewide committees.
  • They manage all aspects of fiduciary oversight, legal administration and adherence to campaign finance reporting requirements.


  • The political campaign managers should have at least five years of political organizing/campaign management experience, including experience with a statewide campaign where volunteer-executed voter identification played a central role in the campaign.
  • They must have a proven track record in coalition building, grass roots or field campaign organizing, financial oversight, and public speaking.
  • They must have experience in coordinating media purchase, production, and media relations.
  • They must have demonstrated fundraising experience and knowledge of campaign funding sources.
  • They must have demonstrated ability to work with diverse communities, serve as a team leader, and maintain a sense of humor.

Degrees and Training to Become a Political Campaign Manager

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