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Ship Engineer Job Description

The Ship Engineer supervises and coordinates activities of the crew engaged in operating and maintaining the engines, boilers, deck machinery, and electrical, sanitary, and refrigeration equipment aboard ship.

Primary objectives:

  • The Ship Engineer fabricates engine replacement parts such as vowels, stay routes, and bolts.
  • The Ship Engineer uses metal working machinery in order to fabricate engine replacement parts.
  • The Ship Engineer must direct the crew in replacement work when necessary.
  • The Ship Engineer installs engine controls, propeller shafts and propellers when it is needed.

The Ship Engineer has a very important job when it comes to the operation of the ship. The Ship Engineer will supervise and coordinate activities of the crew engaged in operating and maintaining the ship’s engines, boilers, deck machinery, electrical, sanitary and refrigeration equipment aboard the ship. In most cases The Ship Engineer prefers to do most of the work while the ship is docked, however, it is not uncommon for the Ship Engineer and crew to perform some other duties while the ship is out to sea. Since the maintenance of the sanitary and refrigeration units need to be taken care of as soon as possible the Ship Engineer and his crew work on these units often. In some cases things that need to be repaired may cause the ship to be docked while the Ship Engineer and crew fix these items. Some of the items in question are things such as the propeller shaft, propeller, and any other mechanical part that requires repairing by the Ship Engineer.

When a large cruise ship is out to sea the maintenance of the electrical power, heating and ventilation must be kept up to date at all times for the convenience of the customers. The Ship Engineer knows that the comfort of the passengers is vital on a cruise ship. That Is why the Ship Engineer and crew are always available to make any repairs or adjustments 24 hours a day while the ship is sailing. Many cruise lines prefer to have Ship Engineers who are capable of working on their cruise ships while out to sea. The cruise line usually provide Ship Engineers who can work on the ships when they are docked checking to make sure that all maintenance is up to date. This helps to relieve The Ship Engineer and crew who are working 24 hours a day while the ship is out to sea.

The Ship Engineer often will monitor and test operations of the ship’s engines and other equipment so that mouth functions and their causes can be identified. When the Ship Engineer identifies any malfunction that may have occurred he immediately starts repairing the problem. When the cruise ship is under way the Ship Engineer monitors the engine, machinery, and equipment indicators and reports have him abnormalities to the appropriate shipboard staff. The Ship Engineer performs general marine vessel maintenance and repair work such as repairing leaks, finishing interiors, refueling, and maintaining decks. Cruise ships are not the only vessels at sea that require the services Of a Ship Engineer. Other ships such as oil tankers, and fishing boats, or cargo ships also require the service of a Ship’s Engineer. All these sea going vessels must have A Ship Engineer and crew that are capable of making repairs while they are out to sea.

The Ship Engineer starts up the engines to propel the ships, and regulates the engines and power transmissions to control the speed of the ship, according to directions given from the captain or the bridge computers. The Ship Engineer supervises the activities of Marine engine technicians and engaged in the maintenance and repair of the mechanical and electrical marine vessels. The Ship Engineer must inspect their work to ensure that it is performed properly. The Ship Engineer acts as a liaison between the ship’s captain and sure personnel to ensure that schedules and budgets are maintained and that the ship does offer rated safely and efficiently. The Ship Engineer is responsible to clean engine parts and keep engine rooms spotless. The Ship Engineer maintains complete records of engineering department activities, including machine operations. The Ship Engineer monitors the availability, use, and condition of life saving equipment and pollution prevented his, in order to ensure that international regulations are all. The Ship Engineer operates and maintains off loading liquid pumps and valves. The Ship Engineer orders and receives engine room stores such as oil and spare parts; maintains inventories and records usage is of supplies.

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