OEM Product Manager Job Description

Every product that can be seen in the market is also a product of a person’s effort and dedication. All saleable merchandise that buyers or customers are lucratively patronizing is an end-product of tedious research, analysis, and marketing strategies of a leader who thrusts the product’s way on top of the market. This dynamic, innovative, and well-driven person is called as an OEM Product Manager. The details of what an OEM product manager is all about are discussed on the succeeding topics below.

What is an OEM Product Manager?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product manager is in charge of the whole product roadmap—from its establishment up to its accomplishment. The product or product family should be efficiently managed by the OEM product manager as well. Moreover, he/she should oversee the products life cycle all the way through. Likewise, he/she must act like a cohesive devise among all the product-related functions like its production, communications, business development, design and engineering, quality, marketing, support, and the like. In addition, an OEM product manager is also accountable for the design, commencement, and management of the marketing campaign for the product line. Lastly, they are to make certain that the products are well-prepared for a large volume of sales.

Duties of an OEM Product Manager

The following are the duties of an original equipment manufacturer product manager:

  • He/she must supervise the growth of the co-branded product that was developed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Also, he/she should kick off a plan in order to modify proceeds;
  • Expand and run all the necessary mechanisms to compel the business’ growth including all the techniques in developing a product, major market programs, and pricing strategies;
  • Assist in the enhancement of budget so as to aid in the conceptualization of business strategies;
  • Organize a comprehensive status report all-encompassing financial projections. After which, analysis and recommendation of the said report must be provided;
  • Formulate a scheme to reverse the competitor’s rank in the market.
  • Discover marketing drifts by collaborating with the customers in order to improve the product’s development;
  • With the use of thorough analysis and design plans, he/she must ascertain latest vertical markets so as to heighten the market of the OEM products;
  • Strengthen and maintain the relationship of OEM partners for the advancement of different products;
  • Control and ease out all concerns with regards to the production, customer care, and service to put OEM products above all other competitors in the market;
  • Reinforce marketing services through white papers and brochures; and
  • Develop a defensible portfolio of OEM products. Through this, utmost outcome in the market will be realized.

Work Condition of an OEM Product Manager

An OEM product manager works dull-time within a company with 10-20% of the time is spent in traveling to places in order to supervise the development of the OEM products. Likewise, field work is also done for he/she is also responsible in interviewing customers. In contrast, most of the time he/she should be in the office—analyzing , scheming, and looking over the OEM product’s life cycle.

Educational Requirements of an OEM Product Manager

An OEM product manager is required to have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably business-related. A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering or Geomatics can also be considered. In addition, Masters in Business Administration or MBA is highly considered. Aside from that, a minimum of 3 years of germane experience is mostly required.

Occupation and Progress of an OEM Product Manager

For a person who is organized, can work under pressure, has the ability to multi-task, and has a very good analytical and marketing skills, being an OEM product manager is the right occupation for him/her. It is a very prestigious and well-respected job. However, with prestige, sacrifices and a lot of hard work comes along with it. A person may succeed in this field if he/she is persuasive and focused in one goal—that is to bring the OEM product that he/she is representing into its highest place in the market.

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