Marketing Manager Resume

by admin on September 27, 2009

Mark Sales

123 Any Town · USA 98109

[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

I worked as the Marketing Manager determining the demand for the products and services that our company needed for upcoming year.

v  As the Marketing Manager I help develop pricing strategies with the goal of maximizing the firm’s profits or share of the market while ensuring the firm’s profits.

v  As the Marketing Manager I was in charge of overseeing product development monitoring trends that indicate the need for new products and services.

v  I was in charge of the marketing team training and doing their performance development.

v  I kept a data base of leads and did the follow up or directed some of my staff to do the follow up bringing new clients to our firm.

v  Proficient in Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Visio®, QuickBooks, Microsoft Windows® operating system, and Mac operating system; type 90 wpm with complete accuracy.

v  Marketing Degree or Associates Degree in Business

Professional Experience

Trinket sales – Any Town, USA                                                                               2000 to Present

Marketing Manager

I maintained a full staff of sales personnel training, and assisting in getting new customers through leads and advertisements.

Performed duties that help keep departments within budgets by creating advertisements that increased sales. I provided the marketing team with new ideas that help save time, find new leads, and made larger sales.

  • Reduced the cost of travel expense by implementing conference calls, internet communications and active programs that help our clients keep up with our new products.
  • Coordinated and hosted successful client seminars, creating invitations and promotional materials, booking venues, and selecting guest speakers.

Hybrid Vehicles – Any Town, USA                                                                              1997 to 2000

Marketing Manager

I worked with the Marketing team coordinating promotions and advertising in order to increase sales with our regular customers and enlisted new clients.

Directed all administrative and project support efforts. Conducted in-depth business-development research and compiled results for review by proposal team. Developed presentations and scheduled all executive-level meetings and travel. I worked with the marketing team instructing and training them on the new techniques of hybrid vehicle sales.

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