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Contract Administrator Job Description

The Contract Administrator is responsible for managing company contracts that stem from employment relations to supplier retention and new business negotiation. He is responsible for liaising negotiations between the company and its business partners, ensuring that the production goals are reflected and benefit from each contract drafted.

Contract administration entails oversight on all legal documentation signed by the business unit to ensure that each stipulation and annex is within the acceptable bounds of the law and is duly followed by internal and external clients. The Contract Administrator monitors the performance and efficiency of contracts.

The Contract Administrator must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Contract Administrator works as part of the Human Resource service unit, upholding the internal policies and processes regarding contract management and use by examining the viability of each contract and making the necessary recommendations for revision as best indicated for efficiency and productivity metrics.
  • The Contract Administrator is responsible for managing client-specific contracts and provide counsel for maintaining the quality of contracts for employees within the unit.
  • As a Contract Administrator you must review and provide oversight for all existing contracts by inspecting the contract database and provide technical services in developing a standard and appropriate use of language for each document.

Skills that Contract Administrator should posses:

  • The contract administrator should possess the skill to effectively work in coordination with managers within all organizational hierarchy to analyze sourcing and contracts strategies. The contracts administrator should be able to eye new trends and make the recommendations for beneficial sourcing and procedure.
  • Working as a contract administrator requires a degree of customer support skill , ensuring internal and external client relations are running smoothly when it comes to contract drafts and negotiation. Good decision making skills are critical in resolving conflict or infringements that arise from existing contracts in the business unit.

A Contract Administrator is expected to be an outstanding leader in the field of contracts administration. Knowledge and expertise on law governing contract drafting and management is necessary and should be equipped to converse in the legislative and industrial aspect of contracts in a timely and professional fashion. A contract administrator should have excellent management and interpersonal skills, with an ability to work as an individual contributor and team player.

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