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They say a portrait speaks a thousand of words. There are a lot of people who would buy paintings and illustration because they feel happiness each time they look at these pieces. That is why we need an Illustrator to make us this beautiful work of art. An illustration goes along way. We can use this if we want to relay something in a different way aside from verbal communication.

There is a lot of industry that is in need of an Illustrator. If you think you have the skills and the right inspiration then you can be the perfect Illustrator.

What is an Illustrator?

An Illustrator makes use of their creativeness and technical skill to paint or draw or to be able to communicate their feeling, ideas and emotions. They work to entertain their intended clients and adjusting their style depending on the mood of their audience.

Duties of an Illustrator

  • An Illustrator creates original works to create art pieces or to transmit information. They draw pictures for magazines, books, fashion, multimedia and all other area where they can express their idea and show their creativity.
  • Illustrators work with editors, authors and clients to make sure that they will meet their needs and demands. They come up with ideas of the appropriate style for their project. They also negotiate their deadlines and pricing.
  • There are different types of Illustrator. A Technical Illustrator makes diagram in setting-up or repairing machines. Medical Illustrator makes use of the information they have about anatomy or biology to make outlines of the human body.
  • Illustrator uses their creativity to generate ideas for their project. They utilize traditional hand skills and other techniques. They also look for the right galleries in which they can make as a venue for their exhibit.

Work Condition of an Illustrator

  • Since Illustrators can find job in various industries they work in different settings. They usually work forty hours a week in well-lighted design studio. For those who work on their own, they can control their working hours. They often use their time to institute a reputation and to market their services.

Educational Requirements of an Illustrator

  • An Illustrator usually have inborn talents and skills but they can improve and perfect their skills by acquiring a four year bachelor’s degree. They can also enrol in art schools where they concentrate in honing your artistic skills. For those who will practice graphic design, there are schools who offer master’s degree in this field and they can use this to their advantage if they posses this.

Occupation and Progress of an Illustrator

  • Since a lot of industry is need of Illustrator, you can expect that there are a number of opportunities that are waiting for you. Illustrators with great experience will have the chance to be chief designer or they can work freelance and put up their own business. Wherever you end up as an Illustrator, rest assured that it will be an avenue where you can express your creative ideas.

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