Docket Clerk Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 24, 2011

There are lots of paper works that needs to be accomplished inside court houses. That is why clerks or secretaries are highly needed. One good job for you, if you would like to have clerical job is a docket clerk. If you think you are fit for this job, then here is one guide made just for you.

What is a docket clerk?

Let us first dissect the words “docket clerk”. A Clerk is an employed person either on government or private office or agency who performs different kinds of tasks like keeping records, filing, letter transcribing and letter writing. They are responsible for clerical and administrative works for various individuals in the court, judge, lawyers, and other members and personnel of the public.

Duties of a docket clerk

The following are the responsibilities of docket clerks:

  • Prepares the schedule of cases
  • A docket clerk calls and contacts witnesses, lawyers and members of both parties.
  • Writes letters and transcribes letters too.
  • Is responsible in preparing issue orders for the court. (summonses, probation orders)
  • Examine and process applications for different kinds of administrative, authorized or like hearings.
  • Discards inappropriately accomplished applications. They are responsible in explanation of rules, regulations and policies.
  • Docket clerks are responsible for distribution of legal documents to attorneys and other hearing personnel.
  • Includes tasks such as answering calls, operating office machines.

Skills Required of a Docket Clerk

In order for you to become an effective docket clerk these are the following skills you need to possess to be an effective and efficient worker. You must have at least basic knowledge on federal, constitutional law. You must also be familiar with agency rules, policies, and regulations. Good communication skills is also a requirement. You must also have a good interpersonal relationship. A strong organizational skill is also required for a docket clerk.

Education Requirements of a Docket Clerk

A docket clerk only requires you to be a graduate in high school education. But of course a previous experience on clerical work is an advantage. It can also add up to your chance of having the job if you have basic training on transcribing.

Working Condition of a Docket Clerk

Most of docket clerks work comfortably in an office setting. Their tables may have a lot of papers to work but they are provided with computers, telephone, and fax in order for them to use it in their daily activities. They rarely work during evenings, overtime, or weekends.

Salary of a Docket Clerk

A docket clerk earn from 36,000USD to 52,000USD. They also have medical, dental and vision benefits. For docket clerks, applicants are much preferred to be female. Also wages may also vary according to location or state.

Working inside an office may be toxic. But if you desire and want to have an experience of administrative and clerical experience, then this job is for you. If you think you can accommodate the tasks of a docket clerk then you can apply.

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