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Established: 1965
Employees: 8,800
HQ: La Crosse, Wisconsin
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Kwik Trip Job Description

Founded in 1965, Kwik Trip or most commonly known as Kwik Star is a chain of privately held retail stores headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Unlike most convenience store chains, Kwik Trip, together with its merchandises, sells its very own product lines. One of its well known product line is Milk Moola, in which part of its profit is contributed for funding schools.

Kwik Trip Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Kwik Trip Store Leader Job Description

Retail Store Leader is responsible in the daily activities and transactions in the retail store. Employees and staffs in the store reports to him or her for assignments. He or she also manages the quality operations, sales, and performance of the employees. He or she makes daily reports and submits it to the head store. The responsibility of a Retail manager would vary depending on the size of the store, usually on smaller stores, the retail leader’s responsibility includes accounting, inventory, sales and marketing operations.

Kwik Trip Store Leader Job Salary: $46,000

  • Kwik Trip Sales Associate Job Description

A Sales Associate is responsible in the orderliness and cleanliness of the store shelves. He or she is also responsible in assisting customers in locating the merchandise of their needs. He or she should assist the customers courteously and ensures the customers are comfortable staying in the store.

Kwik Trip Sales Associate Job Hourly Salary: $8.83/hour

  • Kwik Trip Food Assembler Job Description

Food Assembler is usually the one manning near the counter or a hot quick food counter. He or she is the one preparing and assembling a particular hot food when customers opt for order. He or she usually does the preparation of the instant-cook food only and payments are made in the counter.

Kwik Trip Food Assembler Job Salary: $26,000

  • Kwik Trip Retail Coworker Job Description

A Retail Coworker can be assigned in different areas in the store. He or she can be an inventory personnel securing the accuracy of the stocks and organizing proper house hold. He or she may be assigned as stock replenishment personnel in which he or she ensures the number of stocks in the shelves will not run out of stocks available for the customers. He or she can also aid in loss prevention procedures or employee performance evaluation. He or she can also perform various tasks as assigned.

Kwik Trip Retail Coworker Job Hourly Salary: $9.26/hour

  • Kwik Trip Food Product Demonstrator Job Description

Food Product Demonstrator is the one demonstrating a process of preparing a particular instant-cook or easy-to-prepare food. He or she educates the customers of proper preparation by showing a step-by-step preparation of the said food product.

Kwik Trip Food Product Demonstrator Job Hour Salary: $10/hour

  • Kwik Trip Cashier Job Description

The Cashier, especially in a convenience store like Kwik Trip, should be vigilant and accurate at all times. He or she must be quick but accurate in processing payments of the customers. He or she should also have an updated knowledge of the prices and promotions of the merchandise. In addition, he or she should be customer-friendly and courteous at all times.

Kwik Trip Cashier Job Hour Salary: $8/hour

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