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Established: 1927
Employees: 45,000
HQ: Dallas, Texas
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7-Eleven Job Description

7-Eleven is among the fast growing twenty four hour retailer store in the country. The company has been expanding in the global scale. The company is home to estimated thirty five thousands employees both in the corporate and operational level. Its continuing expansion attracts more and more aspiring individuals to come and work at 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven Positions and Duties

  • 7-Eleven Store Clerk Job Description

Store clerks at 7-Eleven learn useful new skills that can help them develop a career for their future. Store Clerks need to implement all the standard operational procedures of the company and make sure that every customer receives the best customer service possible. Major responsibilities include arranging the products in the display cabinet, restocking, putting price tags, and ensuring the total cleanliness of the workplace. Store Clerks must also make sure that all the displayed products are arranged according to the company’s standards in product display and arrangement.

7-Eleven Store Clerk Hourly Salary: $9.35

  • 7-Eleven District Manager Job Description

District Managers at 7-Eleven are also known as Area Managers have the total responsibility of supervising the people and take charge with the day to day operations of between five to seven retail stores in a single area. Additional responsibilities also include providing great leadership for every manager in the market so as to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction and growth in product sales. District Managers also need to work hand in hand with other managers in the area when it comes to building sales over the previous year’s achievement. District Managers also has the capacity to hire or terminate employees or participate in the decision making when it is necessary.

7-Eleven District Manager Salary: $68,667

  • 7-Eleven Store Operator Job Description

As a Store Operator for 7-Eleven, the primary duty and responsibility includes recruiting and training quality workforce and motivating them to perform their jobs based on the company’s standards. High quality customer service and great food experience must be consistently delivered while maintaining a cost effective operation in a great working environment. Store Operators also have the responsibility of managing the overall operation of the store and they are also in charge coaching and counseling other employees as well as other Managers within their control. They also have to train and develop the store’s team to reach the expected performance and certification levels.

7-Eleven Store Operator Salary: $40,000

  • 7-Eleven Shift Manager Job Description

As a Shift Manager at 7-Eleven, you have to understand that this is a very important position as part of the store’s leadership team. Among the main duties and responsibilities of Shift Managers include assisting in training newly hired store clerks as well as efficiently scheduling work shifts to ensure that the operation of the store will run efficiently. For those vying to become store managers, Shift Manager position is an excellent stepping stone to be promoted to Assistant Manager position. Other duties include interacting with other customers, ensuring the highest quality of customer service satisfaction and make sure that all are products are displayed according to the store’s specification.

7-Eleven Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $9.74

  • Other Job Positions

7-Eleven offers a myriad of job positions for corporate and operation levels. Other job opportunities in the managerial and operational level include assistant managers, human resources manager, training specialist, logistics manager, and senior planning analyst among others. Depending on your qualifications, you can choose to pursue a career based on your skills or the compensation you are after. 7-Eleven offers substantial compensation and benefits for those who are willing to work in a customer oriented working environment.

7-Eleven Job Application Form Online

To learn more about the company and the compensation and benefits they are offering to their employees, find more information at http://corp.7-eleven.com/Careers/tabid/136/Default.aspx. Their official website provides a comprehensive details of all available career opportunities for interested individuals.

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