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Why You Should Consider Looking for A Home Depot Jobs

Retail is one of the most popular places for people to start working. Most high school and college students find a store near them, apply, then work there until they move onto the next job. A lot of the time, these part-time workers put little thought into where they apply, but they should.

 Not all retail establishments are the same. Some will give you some menial tasks to complete while you count the hours and earn a paycheck, while others provide you with experience and support that you can take with you when you leave.

 Home Depot jobs fall in the latter category and are worth considering if you’re looking for a place to work. In this article, we’ll give you some of the strongest arguments in favor of choosing Home Depot as a place to apply over some of the other stores you might be thinking about.

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Starting A Career With Home Depot

 Graduating from high school can be a jarring time for young men and women. Society expects you to decide what you’re going to do with your life at 18 – before you can legally take a sip of alcohol.

 College isn’t always an option, and when it is, it’s not always the best option. Sure, you can put your job search on hold for four years, but that will put you tens of thousands of dollars in debt when you could be earning.

 Deciding not to go to college is becoming more and more acceptable these days. A lot of publications are already claiming that Generation Z is going to skip the life step altogether.

 Those who are unsure about their career path may want to consider Home Depot jobs as a place to start. The majority of their store leadership started as part-time employees, meaning there’s a clear career path through the ranks of the company.

 Home Depot loves to reward commitment and talent where they see it. You can be sure that if you stick with the company long enough, you’ll have an opportunity to advance. At the very least, a full-time career isn’t a bad fallback plan.

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They Invest In You

 Unlike a lot of other retail jobs, Home Depot doesn’t want you to stay as an associate forever. They invest in their employee development in multiple ways, and the most important of which is education.

 Home Depot knows that sending you to school or to take classes doesn’t mean you’ll leave their company. In fact, they hope that you’ll come back and use the knowledge you’ve gained to help build their brand within the organization.

 Over the past 12 years, Home Depot has provided over $131 million in tuition reimbursement to their staff. That statistic includes full-time, part-time, and salaried employees.

Learning About Home Improvement

 For that reason, Home Depot is one of the best places to work while you’re in high school and college. It’s possible that they’ll eventually reimburse the tuition for an applicable degree, and jump-start your career with them or another company.

 As you can tell, Home Depot wants what’s best for their employees, and reward dedication for those who have been with them for a long time. Whether you’re starting as an hourly employee or moving up the corporate ladder, Home Depot strives to educate their workforce and open the door to more opportunities for them.

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 Home Depot Offers A Unique Experience For Retail Employees.

 Any part-time job you take in your early employment will teach you something, but it’s mostly specific to the industry that you’re in. Working at a shoe store or clothing store, for instance, will teach you about sizing and specific types of shoes, but that doesn’t help you very much if you plan on making a career outside of the store.

 Home Depot, on the other hand, can teach you about products that will serve you as you buy property and expand your career. Learning about paint, wood, and other products that Home Depot sells will give you knowledge you can use when you’re a customer at Home Depot in the future.

 As a new associate, you might be intimidated by your lack of knowledge. Thankfully, since Home Depot loves to promote from within and keep talented employees, you’ll likely have multiple coworkers that have been at the store for decades.

 These managers and associates will be able to walk you through the process and teach you about home improvement – knowledge you can take with you even if you decide the store isn’t for you.

 Those who are deciding on which job they should take in high school or college should strongly consider Home Depot jobs for the knowledge alone. You’ll learn life skills by working at Home Depot, rather than information you can forget three years after you quit.

No Shortage Of Positions

 Home Depot is a retail establishment at its core, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck ringing up unhappy customers all day. Sure, you might start there, but there are so many places to grow and develop your career.

 There are hundreds of employment opportunities at Home Depot – both in the store and at the corporate level. Jobs like asset protection, Language Teacher, Operations, Merchandising, and many other opportunities are available at almost every store.

 Glassdoor.com, an employment website, has the average cashier earning $10 an hour, almost $3 above the federal minimum wage. Home Depot knows that high wages attract the best employees, and tend to pay above minimum wage in whichever state you live and work.

 Training And Development Courses

 It isn’t only the education investment and on-the-job training that sets Home Depot apart from a lot of other retail establishments. The training courses they offer give you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the DIY experience.

 Those who express interest in learning the business will be welcomed into the Home Depot training programs, which can teach you even more about DIY projects and advice. Again, this knowledge will serve you long past you stop working at Home Depot, and it’s all free.


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Working Around A Busy Schedule

 Home Depot is a fantastic place to work for those who have a busy schedule, which is why it’s ideal to start as a part-time employee in most cases. They can work around your school, homework, and activities as long as you give them notice that you need some time off.

 Since the staff at Home Depot is largely dedicated to making the company better, they want people to be able to balance their work and their life. School is particularly important to Home Depot executives – as shown in their tuition reimbursement practices, and they managers will usually understand if you need to take a break to study for exams.

 Any part-time job will offer flexibility, and Home Depot has a long list of openings you can apply for. Having a busy schedule is no reason not to start earning some money – even if it just pays for a few meals per week.

Is It All Sunshine And Roses?

 Of course, there will be a downside to any place you choose to work. In the end, though, the quality of your experience will depend on where you work. Home Depot has an excellent store culture, but that doesn’t mean some people will get a job who shouldn’t really be there.

 One of the common complaints about Home Depot that current and former employees have is that lazy employees and managers often skate by and that there is a bit of favoritism in their store.

 These aren’t universal truths about Home Depot, though, and have more to do with particular stores than they have to do about Home Depot as a whole.

 As we said, there is going to be a downside to any job you choose. This is work, after all, and we aren’t going to pretend like working a register at Home Depot is the most fulfilling experience in your life.

It will earn you a paycheck, however, and offers dozens of benefits you can’t find in a traditional part-time job. Your experience might not be perfect, but chances are Home Depot will offer you a lot more future opportunities than most other retail jobs will.

Starting Your Job Search At Home Depot

 Now that we’ve covered many of the reasons to consider looking for a Home Depot job, you should be navigating to their website in a new tab and beginning the application process.

 Of course, this line of work might not be for everyone, but there’s only one way to find out. Applying won’t hurt, and working there for a while will give you at least a little experience in the DIY home improvement department. This knowledge is something you can refer back to when you own a home of your own and are visiting the store as a customer.

 Home Depot isn’t perfect, but it’s a great place to work for those who are looking for a part-time job while they’re in school or those who are interested in beginning a career.


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