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Kohl’s Store Manager Job Description

The retail business transforms in so many ways every year. Most large businesses have survived over the years because of innovative ideas on how to reach out to the consumers. Being with a retail business means there will be endless resources for income.

What is a Kohl’s Store Manager?

A Kohl’s Store Manager is the supervising personnel for the entire Kohl’s Store.

Duties of a Kohl’s Store Manager

  • A Kohl’s Store Manager is responsible for implementing programs on store merchandising. This may include updating the overall look of the store.
  • A Kohl’s Store Manager is also responsible for upholding customer service standards. She is the point person for any unresolved issues with any customers.
  • She is also responsible for handling overall store sales and generation of profit. She is responsible for controlling certain operational expenses to be able to arrive at a desired profit.
  • She is also responsible for facilitating manpower payroll including management of other operational expenses.
  • She is also the overall in charge for organizing and managing inventory levels. She is held accountable for overall losses and discrepancies in the inventory.
  • She is in charge of supervising all subordinates in terms of performance in their duties. She may be responsible for recommendation of subordinate promotion.
  • She is also responsible for maintaining good business relations with internal and external customers. She also expected to widen customer base through this relationships.

Work condition of a Kohl’s Store Manager

A Kohl’s Store Manager works inside the premises of the store, having her own small office. She may work alongside other Store Managers who supervise several other subordinate employees. She is expected to be able to communicate well through speaking and writing. She is also expected to be able to make her own business decisions in lieu of certain issues and concerns. The work schedule may involve two working shifts in a day. She may also be required to work long hours depending on the in-store traffic. She may also have to work on holidays and weekends, as these are the usual times shoppers visit the stores.

Educational Requirements of a Kohl’s Store Manager

  • A Kohl’s Manager should have accomplished her Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Experience of three to five years in the retail business is usually preferred by Kohl’s.

Occupation and Progress of a Kohl’s Store Manager

The retail business has had valleys and hills in terms of its appeal to the consumers. At present, though there is a financial crisis everywhere, more and more lines of clothing, shoes, bags and other necessities are popping up everywhere. This job has opportunities for promotion because there usually these stores make it a point to expand their businesses yearly. As such more employees are needed in time and it necessitates the employment of more personnel to support a growing business. This job will also allow you to be able to meet with so many other people. This job will enhance your people skills and at the same time your leadership skills. The average Kohl’s Store Manager receives $80, 000 annually. This does not yet include annual bonuses.

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