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Technical Support Representative Job Description

Technical Support Representative is employed by businesses to address all customer and client concerns regarding the technical aspect and troubleshooting of a product. In some cases the technical support representative caters to internal clients, providing information and hands on support for employees with technology and machinery concerns.

The Technical Support Representative may work in a call center or as part of the Information Technology department and maintain communicating levels with clients over the phone, email or client visitation. Technical Support employees are the primary service contact for existing customers and clients who have questions and troubleshooting issues for a product or process related to the business.

The Technical Support Representative must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Technical Support Representative is responsible for maintaining a professional and satisfied relationship with clients and customers by providing product and service troubleshooting while educating about the features and benefits of their purchase/subscription. The Technical Support Representative Specialist makes use knowledge bases and proprietary troubleshooting techniques to resolve a customer’s technical issue in a timely and cost-effective manner that doesn’t entail product/part replacement or service cancellation.
  • The Technical Support Representative works as part of Customer Support and Information Technology division, working directly as part of the resolutions and subject matter experts group. They are responsible for maintaining client relationships through Technical Support for existing and potential customers who have questions and concerns about a product or service.

Skills that Technical Support Representative should posses:

  • The Technical Support Representative should have excellent communications skills and should have the educational background to service the specific business line of the company. Technical support representatives should have an Associate or Bachelors degree in Information Technology or a Computer Degree.
  • The Technical Support Representative should be skilled in data entry, use of troubleshooting and systems inspection software to assist customers and properly diagnose the root cause of their technical issue, while providing a time bound and accurate resolution.
  • A Technical Support Representative is expected to have a background in customer relations and information technology with knowledge in the use of computer applications and prescribed troubleshooting and problem solving mechanisms for technology and machinery.
  • The Technical Support Representative should be able to work in a fast and dynamic environment and function as a team member, aligning professional objectives with the team’s performance and operations goals.

Degrees and Training to Become a Technical Support Representative

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