Ambulance Technician Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 7, 2011

Aside from getting a familiar nursing job in the field of medicine, there are other jobs that may take your interest. These jobs involve a more active duty as it requires vigilance and care at the same time, one of these jobs is the ambulance technician.

What is an Ambulance Technician?

An ambulance technician is also known as and emergency medical technician. An ambulance technician job description includes responding to any emergency or accident calls and accommodating non emergency cases that are either planned or unplanned.

Duties of an Ambulance Technician

  • An ambulance technician usually works with a team and the main responsibility is to assist the paramedic from the assessment to diagnosis until treatment of the patient where the incident occurred and during the process of hospital transfers. One of the key abilities is to use life saving skills.
  • When an ambulance technician is in the scene, the following are expected of them. First is to identify and evaluate what the patients need and make sure to get basic personal and medical history. Second, evaluate your surroundings and identify if there are life and non life threatening situations. Lastly, analyze any observations of the patient’s condition such as fatigue, breathlessness and weight).
  • Decision making is important in carrying out the task as well. Decisions involve in choosing the type of pre hospital care is appropriate and provide specific treatments such as supporting breathing, control bleeding, maintain blood circulation with cardio pulmonary resuscitation, keeping heart beat at a constant rate, using splints and dressing wounds.

Condition of Work of an Ambulance Technician

  • Regular full time hours are available for the ambulance technician, required hours of at least 40 hours per week is the usual. This will include nights, weekends and especially holidays. There are part time positions that are available but not guaranteed.
  • Expect heavy lifting and bending when there is a need to transfer a patient.
  • Most of the hours will be spent on the field to respond to emergencies in the vicinity faster.
  • For identification, a uniform is required which includes a bright jacket, sturdy boots and a stab proof vest for added protection. Be prepared when dealing with people from all walks of life and expect to face hard situations that include the emotionally distressed, verbally aggressive individuals and those who are intoxicated.

Educational Requirements of an Ambulance Technician

  • An ambulance technician should have at least graduated high school.
  • Although it is preferred if they graduated from an emergency technician training where they can get certified. A state and national exam should be taken as well.

Occupation and Progress of an Ambulance Technician

  • An ambulance technician should have a genuine desire to provide help to others, able to communicate well, exceptional attention to detail, has the ability to use computerized systems used for communication.
  • There are several private ambulances that operates within the country and they often choose licensed ambulance technicians over volunteers.

Vigilance is very important when considering this job. Always remember that you are first on the scene and your skills are always placed to the test whenever you respond to the call of duty.

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