MRI Radiographer Job Description

As technology advances, many equipments and machines are invented and discovered. Because of this, there are also plenty or new diseases that is already existing nowadays. Our doctors and inventors are now looking for some treatment that could tolerate these diseases. MRI (Magnetic Reasoning Imaging) is a medical imaging technique that uses radiology in order to visualize the detailed internal structures. MRI radiographer is also known as an MRI radiologic technologist who screens the patient’s medical history by following the safety guidelines of department of MRI.

What is an MRI Radiographer?

An MRI radiographer is a person who obtains accurate MRI images of the patients in accordance to the standards of the department of diagnostic. He is also assigned in performing MRI radiography and also directing and using ionizing radiation. They are also the one who prepare the blood and cytology specimens for the analysis. They are working in hospitals and other medical centers.

Duties of an MRI Radiographer

  • MRI radiographers are responsible in performing the medically unsupervised preparation, administration of drugs, intravenous annulations, MR contrast media, and pharmacological stress agents.
  • They also perform accurate data entry into the radiology information system, PACS and all the electronic records pertinent to the Department of Radiology.
  • MRI radiographers are also assigned to attend and contribute to the staffs and other meetings to discuss and also in promoting ideas for ongoing improvements in the service.
  • They are also tasked in obtaining accurate MRI images in accordance to the safety guidelines of the department of MRI.
  • MRI radiographers are assigned in selecting options for the software and also in adjusting the MRI table and the MRI machine basing on the specific images that has to be carried out.
  • They must also review the results and also inputs the results on the computer. These MRI radiographers must regularly check equipments in order to make certain that is very functional in any procedures.
  • An MRI radiographer must explain the radiologic procedure to their patients in order to alleviate their fear and anxiety. MRI methods can be fearful to others. With this, accurate information can help patients to remain relaxed and calm.

Work Conditions of an MRI Radiographer

An MRI Radiographer is working in laboratories of a hospital. They are provided safety suites and also equipment that will help them in their work. They are assisted by a person who is in higher position.

Educational Requirements of an MRI Radiographer

In order to become an MRI radiographer, one must have a degree in radiography and must be validated by the Department of MIR. The applicant must also have a registration with the council of the health professionals. He/she must also have a number of year’s experience of being a radiographer.

Occupation and Progress of an MRI Radiographer

Due to the high demands in health services, there is an increase in the demand of MRI radiographers. According to some surveys, job prospects for MIR radiographers are expected to increase by 21% starting from 2007 up to 2016.

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