Domestic Engineer Job Description

Domestic Engineer, you would usually hear people say that this is their job. This may sound dense but the truth is this is just another term for those stay-at-home parents. It is far from the glitz and glamour of working in an office.

To give you a clearer view of this career, read through this job description.

What is a Domestic Engineer?

A Domestic Engineer is the one who executes household chores; they are a member of the family that does this as a part of their responsibility. A Domestic Engineer can carry out anything from cleaning to doing everyday jobs for the family.

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Duties of a Domestic Engineer

  • One of the responsibilities of a Domestic Engineer is to clean the house. This may consist of dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, polishing, washing and a whole lot more. This would include cleaning the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
  • A Domestic Engineer is also in charge of buying food and preparing them as well. They would have to plan the meals that they are going to prepare, go to the supermarket or grocery stores and cook the meal for their family.
  • Domestic Engineers also take care of the children besides doing the household chores. They would have to play together with the child, feed the child, change diapers, and pick them up from school and go to doctor’s appointment.
  • A Domestic Engineer in addition would have to do heavy chores like gardening, handling urgent affairs, disciplining children, hosting a party and everything that would keep the household running efficiently.

Work Condition of a Domestic Engineer

  • A Domestic Engineer must be willing to work during unpredictable hours; this will consist of night, weekends and should be available twenty-four hours. They basically work at home and do all the household chores. They would have to work from morning preparing breakfast and help the kids get ready for school up to evening to cook for dinner.

Educational Requirements of a Domestic Engineer

  • To become a Domestic Engineer you don’t need any of those Bachelor’s degrees. All you need is patience, the physical stamina to keep up with the energy of the kids and the passion for doing this job.

Occupation and Progress of a Domestic Engineer

  • This job doesn’t give you any possibilities of being promoted. There will be no health insurance, no overtime pays and pension. This career provides limitless chances for personal growth. There would be times when you will be bored, frustrated and tired of doing the same things every single day but this will all pass. You will know that all the hard work you’ve done will all be worth it especially when your family appreciates the things that you have done.

As you look back after many years, you would feel the fulfillment in doing this job. The hugs and kisses the kids give you, the smiles you see from their faces after eating the meal you have prepared and seeing them sound asleep and looking forward to another day. It may have not been easy but as long as your family is grateful for all the things you have done for them you would think that it has all been paid of.

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