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Draftsman Job Description

With the advancement of technology and the growing economy, demands for well constructed residential and commercial buildings are growing in number. Employers tend to have a distinct taste and idea of their ideal homes or buildings. What better way to express this than to see a visual representation of their dream. Because of this, the draftsman comes into the picture.

Isn’t it interesting? Let’s get to know more about draftsman, its information and the nature of its work.

What is a Draftsman?

A draftsman, to simply put it, is an artist found in the construction industry. It involves the visual media responsible for putting into sketches the employer’s idea or vision. These sketches are guides during the construction process. Moreover, draftsmen involve themselves with architects and interior designers to ensure precise interpretation of the said idea. But draftsmen are not only limited to residential and commercial properties rather it also is involved in the construction of roads, buildings and even machineries like cars.

Duties of a Draftsman

  • Arts, such as painting and sculpture catch our attention. And so what better way to catch an investors eyes but to simply showcase their ideas in a matter tangible to them. 2D or even 3D’s are a hit not because they are entertaining but because it becomes an example of a dream becoming a reality. And so, this becomes the responsibility of the draftsman. To be able to put into visuals the demands of the employer.
  • A draftsman confers with architects and engineers to be able to have a bird’s eye view of the extent and the requirements of the project.
  • A draftsman utilizes both the manual and computer-based application, such as the automated computer-assisted drafting or commonly known as the AutoCAD to materialized the project.
  • As soon as drafts are completed, they are presented to the architect or engineer for further review or critique.
  • Once decisions are made regarding the project, alterations will be made by the draftsman and changes will them be implemented.

Work Conditions of a Draftsman

  • Draftsman often work in private offices and laboratories for long hours. They may settle schedules to meet clients individually.
  • It is also expected that draftsman are opt to visit sites wherein the projects are made to be built. It is expected that this may involve long traveling hours and walking.

Educational Requirements of a Draftsman

  • Here are the requirements needed from the applicant. First, he or she must have a formal education either a two-year or a four-year program. Second, he or she must have passed the certification exam administered by the American Design Drafting Association. It would be of an advantage if the candidate possesses a graduate degree in architecture, engineering or any related field of study.

Occupation and Progress of a Draftsman

  • Some draftsmen are working privately in their own offices. Most, on the other hand, work hand in hand with engineers, architects and interior designers. Many are working in a contractual basis and others are hired as employees

To become successful in this industry, one must always remember the importance of being patient and persevere. You don’t necessarily have to be an exceptional visual artist who possess the ability to translate ideas into sketches, but someone who values the importance of meeting deadlines and collaborating with other professionals. Not only someone who’s well equipped with knowledge on computer software but someone who considers the efforts of the other employees. So what are you waiting for? Be a successful draftsman!

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