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Computer Operator Job Description

Computer operators are responsible for managing the operations of computer hardware systems.

As a computer operator you will be required to work on most types of computers, including mainframes, minicomputers, and networks of personal computers. Computer operators must solve problems that take place as well as maintain computer hardware. A computer operator’s responsibilities can depend on the kind and nature of the computer system.

The Computer Operator must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • A computer operator is important to maintain daily operations of older models of computing mainframes and mini computing devices. Because these computers consist of terminals hooked up to the core that contains the software and memory, they will need constant monitoring for functionality.
  • The Computer Operator manages errors from the console that can indicate a malfunction.
  • This job performs the duties of a network administrator, ensuring that network connection is in place for all computing devices and servers run smoothly.

Skills that Computer Operator should posses:

  • The Computer operator is expected to have outstanding knowledge and troubleshooting skill in different aspects of a computing device and periphery.
  • An extensive knowledge in interpreting error lights and computing diagnostics is necessary to properly identify the problem and apply the necessary troubleshooting technique. They are required to understand the interaction between different LEDs and interpret meaning.
  • Most companies will require a formal education or related training program on computing diagnostics, computer science or engineering to qualify for this job.

    Computer operators work with different personnel and organizational settings such as banks, insurance, manufacturing and factories thus requiring excellent interpersonal and professional demeanor.

  • The computer operator is required to work with a team of dynamic employees who are problem solving oriented and must proactively provide solutions to problems encountered in a troubleshooting and logical computing perspective.

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