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Bankruptcy Analyst Job Description

A Business will grow and Company will be secured when handled by Bankruptcy Analyst.

This career path allows people to work in a variety of fields, namely finance, banking and insurance. Other jobs may be found in the government and law enforcement. In short, Bankruptcy analysts will investigate a specific fraud, indebtedness and then create new measures and techniques to prevent it in the future.

Nature of the Work

    • Applies accounting acumen and financial expertise to review a borrower’s operating data
    • Reviews a borrower’s credit score and discusses the risk profile and default probability with the risk management department
    • Speaking to a number of clients and fielding a large number of calls during investigations•
    • Monitoring accounts of those with consistently poor bank balances and credit history
    • Initiating legal action against those with account discrepancies
    • Competent at using a large variety of tools and systems, as well as knowing several established guidelines and procedures

Education and Training

A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is usually necessary for Bankruptcy analyst. A master’s degree in finance, economics of business management is highly accepted. Some Bankruptcy analysts have practical training in liberal arts, and professional certification such as certified public accountant or CPA and financial risk manager, or FRM.

Those seeking employment should contact their desired employers to determine their specific education requirements before deciding on a major and degree level. Also referred to as Bankruptcy analyst, when certified, a large variety of career paths are available such as part investigator, part criminologist, and part accountant and part attorney in most arenas.

A wage of this job depends on the firm’s size, the industry and staffing needs. The candidate seniority, length of service, academic credentials and professional certification also affect her remuneration.

A bankruptcy analyst can improve his chances of advance by attending and continuing professional education, training or courses and performing adequately. A line of promotion can be also achieve.

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