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Nanny Job Description

Have you ever thought of becoming a nanny or babysitter? Being a nanny is a challenging, fun and rewarding career. Below is the information to read on about the job description of a nanny.

What is a nanny?

A nanny is a person who takes care of children in an employer’s home as well as performs tasks that are related to nurturing children. Nannies make sure that the environment is safe and stimulating for children to thrive and develop.

Duties of a nanny

  • A nanny takes good care of children in their own home. Their basic duties may include preparing their meals, assisting with daily activities and providing physical care. Nannies may work on either full-time or part-time like the absence of parents.
  • A nanny’s important job is ensuring that the children are safe, healthy and well-attended. Duties may include daily feeding, bathing, TV time monitoring, leisure time or computer time, activity planning for preschool, toddlers and school aged children.
  • They are also responsible in helping children do their homework and driving them to their playmates and at school.
  • Most Nannies also perform various household works like keeping the rooms of the children clean and organize, doing laundry, washing the dishes, preparing meals and preparing supplements and vitamins for children.

Conditions of Work

  • In general, nannies work about 8 to 10 hours daily 5 days in a week. They also expect 2 days consecutive off per week. Nannies may choose on working full time or part time depending on their job interest.
  • A nanny also works under little supervision of the head of the family. Nannies should be self-starter with good judgment and should be well-committed on the children’s well being.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a nanny, a GED or high school diploma is an initial requirement. Some employers also require nannies with further training on child development and child care along with a formal training program, childhood classes along with an in-service training. A good experience in child care is also an added point. Some requirements also include first-aid and BLS-CPR certificate, safety certificate and driving license.

Occupation and Progress

The salary range of a nanny mostly depends on their employer. Other factors may include work experience, number of children, age of the children and other things. Nannies may expect a minimum wage hourly pay with some tips and bonuses.

What is the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

A nanny is usually an ongoing job and can be part time or full time. A baby sitter is usually a gig that is not consistent. Babysitters can be hired when the parents want a day off or a date night.

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