IT Account Manager Job Description

The age of information technology has touched every corner of every industry including the every day lives of people. Much has been said and done in the information technology business. Every office, organization and institutions have improved their systems with the use of information technology. What was done before using mechanical methods is now accomplished through the use of digital processes.

What is an IT Account Manager?

An IT Account Manager is responsible for increasing business growth in terms of generating sales within a given customer database. He is also expected to develop sales by increasing his customer base with new accounts.

Duties of an IT Account Manager

  • An IT Account Manager is in charge of sales presentations and sales calls to new and old clients in terms of selling products and services.
  • An IT Account Manager prepares a client portfolio, detailing certain products and services which can be offered in a given time frame.
  • He is responsible for meeting sales targets in terms of month to date and year to date sales performances.
  • He must have a comprehension on the products and services that is being offered to clients.
  • An IT Account Manager is in charge of training and leading personnel in terms of facilitating projects to present to clients.
  • He is in charge of maintaining friendly relationships with new and old clients in the interest of business that will aid in meeting the sales targets.
  • An IT Account Manager is responsible for appraisal and measurement of a products and services offered to clients to ensure positive customer satisfaction.
  • He is also responsible for staff employee evaluation in terms of fulfilling their appointed responsibilities.

Work condition of an IT Account Manager

An IT Account Manager usually works in an IT office or firm. He has his office adjoining a laboratory where equipments and units are stocked. He usually leads a group of technicians and specialists who are experts in information technology. He may also conduct business out of the office especially when conducting sales calls and sales presentations.

Educational Requirements of an IT Account Manager

  • An IT Account Manager should have accomplished his Bachelor’s Degree in any field of Business Management or Business Administration.
  • Most companies would prefer an applicant who has a strong background in the field of information technology so that knowledge and skills can be converted to sales.

Occupation and Progress of an IT Account Manager

Most jobs pertaining to selling products and services are usually incentivized. Therefore there is a great financial opportunity for an individual in this field. Not only does one rely on his basic salary, he can also experience the perks of having additional income. At present almost all offices, organizations and institutions are in need of information technology products and services. Even small-scale businesses are into having a computerized working system for increased efficiency and productivity. A successful and hard working employee may even elevate to higher positions in the firm if sales targets are being met and if sales performances are not only meeting the targets but also exceeding them. The possibilities of information technology is endless in our every day living, so does the chances of this profession.

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