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Banquet Server Job Description

A banquet server differs from a restaurant server since most of them are found on special gathering or events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries on hotels, privet club or even resorts. They are the one’s who are specialize in social relationships that is one tool of success of a banquet server. This is one job that is easy to apply for, since you can actually get employment at any food and beverage services that caters to large functions or numerous groups. If you are looking for a job and you are fund of attending social events and would love to be a part of a special event, this job is definitely for you.

What is a Banquet Server?

Dissecting the words banquet and server will definitely give you the answer. The word banquet means a large gathering, meal, or feast with complete dishes including main dish and desserts. It is actually specific for gatherings, ceremony, and celebration that come after a speech in honor for someone. A server is a person who does the service or serving. Therefore, a banquet server is the one who serves foods (appetizers, main dish, desserts) during a special event or gathering.

Duties of a Banquet Server


  • They prepare the banquet before the guests arrive.
  • Set-ups the table, lays table linens, chairs, silver wares, center pieces, glassware.
  • They fill up water or coffee to glasses and cups.
  • They are also responsible in providing the guests any items that the guest may need during the banquet like soup, slat, pepper, bowls, salad dressing, butter and etc.


A banquet server assumes the responsibility of providing their guests a luxurious banquet. They attend to their guests request during the meal. They are the ones who are serving the meals into the guests table serving the ladies first. During the meal, they are responsible for filling water glasses, and wines. They attend to their guest’s needs and requests. They server also must have knowledge on what food he or she is serving in the case of a guest asking.


A banquet server after the ceremony is responsible for keeping and clearing the table and submits the dishes to the kitchen dishwasher. When all the guests are gone and the banquet is already clear, they are responsible for cleaning and clearing the table and chairs. They return theses items to its respective storage rooms or places.

Work condition of a Banquet Server

Banquet servers are found in large events like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. They are expected to lift objects or items weighing 25 pounds with proper technique, stooping, bending, and climbing stairs.

Educational Requirements and other requirements of a Banquet Server

A minimum educational requirement for a banquet server is high school level. But if the employer sees that the applicant is qualified to the job without considering the minimum educational requirement, the applicant can get hired.

Banquet servers also must be able to perform tasks and follow instructions. He or she is expected to do multitasking. He or she must have etiquette, good character, and attitude. The server must also be meticulous to sanitation and grooming since they are catering foods to guests.

Qualities of an efficient Banquet Server

Qualities include courtesy, being responsive to the guest’s needs, has basic knowledge on oral and written instructions, able to inter-relate to guests and co-servers, and is dedicated and hardworking in his or her job.

Being a banquet server entails you to be one important factor to consider in a ceremony, celebration or event. You are responsible to give and offer your guest a relaxed environment at the banquet. You are also responsible to provide comfort to your guests. One thing too, you must always wear a smile, in that way you make yourself available to your guests’ needs.

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