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Computer Programmer Job Description

A Computer Programmer writes step by step instructions that direct computers to process information.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Computer Programmer’s work depends on their employers and what they want to input into their system.

  • The Computer Programmers normally work on a wide range of projects at one time.

  • Computer Programmers work in manufacturing, industry, engineering, government offices, hospitals, and educational institutions.

  • A Computer Programmer must have a Bachelor Degree in computer science, mathematics, or information systems, as well as the knowledge of the major programming language.

The Computer Programmer starts with a detailed job description that will identify the goal of the program. The Computer Programmer will then prepare a flow chart that will show diagrammatically how information will flow through the computer and its peripheral, or related, equipment. When the Computer Programmer finds that much creativity and expertise are demanded at this step, systems analysts or computer software engineers may prepare the systems flow charts. In medium to large company’s computer installations, the Computer Programmer receive their instructions from systems analysts or computer software engineers.

The preliminary stages are completed then the Computer Programmer will write the actual program using special computer languages. There are different computer languages that are used according to the program that is about to be written. HTML and XML are useful for the Computer Programmer who is creating Web applications; COBOL is useful for business applications. Since most programs are long and complex, they must be tested to see whether they run as expected. When the Computer Programmer refers to this step as debugging and after the test is run if the results are not satisfactory then the Computer Programmer must check for errors in logic and data. The Computer Programmer then will make corrections or report the problem to the software engineer. It usually takes a few days to write a simple program but over a year to write a more sophisticated program.

The Computer Programmer works on application programs such as designing accounting procedures. The Computer Programmer usually writes programs for one professional field such as science or business. The Applications Computer Programmer will meet with the client and designers to understand the scope of the project before they begin to write the code. A Computer Programmer will normally work alone but sometimes they will work in a team it depends on the budget, deadline, and the size of the project. The Systems Computer Programmer writes programs to maintain and control systems software that may run systems such as a large office’s computer network. The Systems Computer Programmer might for instance write a program that enables a new printer to work with an old computer. The Systems Computer Programmers usually work for computer manufacturers or for companies that have large computer installations. Some Systems Computer Programmers are involved in developing new computer languages. Computer software engineers, who are very experienced programmers, design and implement complex programs from scratch. The Computer Programmer is familiar with computer hardware design, memory, and the inner workings of computers.

Many experienced Computer Programmers advance to supervisor or higher levels. The Computer Programmer may register the code so that it may not be copied by others in the industry. Most of the Computer Programmers work for a major corporation which that company will keep the program that is written and it gets registered as part of that company’s assets. Since many Computer Programmers work with software engineers then the program is not the property of just one person. The Program usually put together by a team of people. The person who wants the program, the software engineer and then the Computer Programmer are all part of the team that creates the program.

There are different codes that are used in order to write programs and most Computer Programmers use one of the codes in order to be able to write what the company is looking for. The Computer Programmer must be familiar with all the coding that is required in order to write programs. It does not matter if they are doing an accounting program, science program or perhaps they are working for a gaming company. The Computer Programmer takes the lead from the software engineer designing the first part of the program. Then the Computer Programmer must write the codes for this program.

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