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Child Care Assistant Job Description

Child Care Assistants care for pre-school children attending a child care or child development facility. They are under the direct supervision of staff members who plan and supervise the children’s activities with in the facility.

They help in maintaining a safe and clean environment where children can learn, play and develop into responsible adults.

Nature of Work

Child care assistants help staff members in supervising children during playtime in order to make sure that they remain safe and healthy. They assist in feeding, washing and dressing the children while inside the facility. They support the learning experiences of the children by helping prepare the materials needed for their activities such as paints, paint smocks and other learning activities. They keep records of the children’s activities and progress and report them to the child development staff that will include them in their reports to parents and other people concerned. They confer with parents, staff and supervisor of the facility to provide and/or receive information beneficial to the children. Child care assistants may also be responsible for coordinating age appropriate activities for the proper developmental growth of the children. When needed, they can also administer first aid and/or medication to meet the child’s immediate health care requirements. They also help in maintaining the classroom, supplies, equipment and grounds so the children stay safe, orderly and clean while attending classes.


Child care assistants must be able to adhere to safety practices and procedures as required by state and federal laws. They should be able to prepare and maintain accurate records, plan and manage children’s activities and projects, and administer first aid in a timely manner when needed. Child care assistants must have the ability to understand written instructions and procedures, prepare and write pertinent documents, and speak clearly and understandably. They should know how to perform the tasks and functions as required by the job including preparing and implementing age-appropriate programs and activities, providing positive reinforcement to children and dispensing assertive disciplinary practices. Child care assistants must be able to work and communicate with a diverse group of people.

Degrees and Training to Become a Child Care Assistant

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