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LMS Coordinator Job Description

More and more companies are turning to e-Learning, because it delivers more training to more people for the fewest dollars. Designing, construction, and implementation of corporate intranets, E-learning applications, and courseware that support business objectives requires the ability of an individual who’s interest includes making information more usable and user-friendly and web site development. This person is liable for sustaining strategies and technologies that provide digital media to apprise and teach staff across the organization. An LMS Coordinator work with the other staff and employees to support the creation and delivery of various forms of technical training through technology and electronic resources. Interested about the information and how to acquire this position? This must be the job opportunity suited for you.

What is LMS Coordinator?

An LMS coordinator or Learning Management System Coordinator assists in the creation and management of technical training programs including both distance and in-class Web-based training programs and courses.

Duties of an LMS Coordinator

  • Audit and monitor data integrity within LMS.
  • Organize, educate and supervise data access within the field.
  • Organize timetables with system management.
  • Generate and manage training within the Learning Management System.
  • Mend LMS issues and divergence.
  • Facilitate in end user training of LMS application.
  • Administer significant reports as required to track results of employee’s attainment of courses.
  • Administer and amend training information for the LMS.
  • Consult through trainers on scheduling of training for the region.
  • Apprehend employee training and assure that employees acquire training within appointed time frames.
  • Inform managers of training default and facilitate them to plan restorative action.
  • Coordinate a filing system of entire sign-in papers for audit purposes.
  • Monitor and assist supervisors and managers while working with reporting tool.
  • Deliver certificates out to participators for attaining of a course.
  • Classify replies that need direct attention and disseminate them for action.
  • Facilitate recent trainers in ensuing process of the policy and methods on LMS.
  • Affirm innovative and cultivated ideas and developments.
  • Establish support for distinctive customer service.
  • Educate supervisor in a apprehensible, brief, and timely manner of any irresolute issues.
  • Achieve alternative associated duties and tasks as designated or as become perceptible.

Work Condition of an LMS Coordinator

  • In order to be competent in this job in-depth experience with PowerPoint is highly needed.
  • An individual must also have a strong familiarity with recognized E-learning technical standards.
  • The ability to adapt and handle multiple projects with different priority levels must also be obtained for this kind of job.
  • Regardless of where an employee is on this continuum, the content needs to be engaging, easy to access, relevant, and tailored to his or her learning style.

Educational Requirements of an LMS Coordinator

  • Having a Bachelor Degree in Business or HR or even a High School Diploma and education/experience in training and learning is the basic educational requirements in order to be an LMS coordinator.
  • Experience in training and learning design and development, experience working with Learning Management Systems, experience with e-learning concepts and tools and instructional design knowledge are assets that can help you acquire the job easily.
  • Hands-on knowledge of authoring technologies, Intranet design tools, and multimedia applications, including Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate, Flash, exceptional customer service, organizational, and communication skills, along with a strong working knowledge of MS Office, Excel and PowerPoint are commonly required.

Occupation and Progress of an LMS Coordinator

  • Delivering knowledge to students and employees via a learning management system is a cost-effective choice for many organizations.
  • Learning management systems is be capable of delivering effective learning online equipped with interactive communications tools.
  • LMS online messaging tools create an interactive environment and allow for the exchange of ideas despite the lack of a physical classroom.

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