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Non Profit Executive Director Job Description

The significance of non-profit institutions has increased manifold over the past years. Nonprofit institutions provide important facilities for the public in order to make their life comfortable. Medical facilities, job opportunities and educational opportunities are some of the jobs handled by non-profit organizations . Nonprofit organizations may only succeed if effective leadership is applied.

What is a non-profit executive director?

Non-profit executive directors provide intense leadership and guidance so as to take the particular organization in a quick successful path.

Duties of a non-profit executive director

  • The job of a non-profit executive director involves hard work in order to look for potential donors for various charitable institutions. Non-profit organizations need a steady money inflow in order to implement plans for public welfare.
  • The non-profit executive director’s responsibility involves good communication along with their board of directors regarding issues that are related to the organization’s development.
  • Another job of an executive director is to make sure that proper use is utilized with moneys that are being raised. The executive director should allot the money for various purposes and make certain that the financial aid reaches to the appropriate organization along with the needy.
  • Good functioning of non-profit organizations isn’t possible if it doesn’t have talented and sufficient staff. A non-profit executive director’s duty also involves handling and supervising the process of recruitment by providing proper instructions to their recruiters about qualities and qualification in which applicants should acquire. Having a proficient staff definitely guarantees the pure success of non-profit organizations.

Conditions of work

Non-profit executive directors work in a well-lit office doing some administrative works most of the time. A good communication skills and intense analytical skill is essential in becoming an executive director.

Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who aspire to become a non-profit executive director should be highly talented and are qualified. In order to be qualified for this job, a graduate degree with post graduate degree in management, finance and other related field is beneficial.
  • Executive directors should also have prior work experience in management or in any non-profit organization. A good communication skill, great desire in helping the needy, analytical skills, strategic abilities, dedication and hard work are important qualities in becoming a nonprofit executive director.

Occupation and Progress

Having a career as a non-profit executive director is known as a well paid profession. Salary ranges for non-profit executive directors differ from state to state. Salaries for candidates with more work experience are also higher than those with little experience in the field. Non profit executive director’s salary may range between US$ 40,000 up to US$ 80,000.

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