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Marine Biologist Job Description

Nowadays, careers have become a crucial aspect with the lives of each individual. One job opportunity that attracts lots of people is becoming a marine biologist. Choosing a field in marine biology is not merely about having compassion to marine life but also pursuing a great career for job stability and security.

What is a marine biologist?

Marine science is a huge field that covers geology, marine biology, zoology, coastal science and oceanography. The term marine biology connotes to the study of organisms that live in the oceans and other brackish and marine sources of water. A marine biologist is a person who studies the behavior, origins, linked diseases as well as the processes of various organisms such as animals and plants that live in the world of marine environment.

Duties of a marine biologist

  • Marine biologists perform research in the ocean in order to study various organisms along with its interaction in atmosphere, land and ocean environment. Their work includes analyzing and studying the diverse and interesting life forms in the sea.
  • A marine biologist studies marine animal and plant life, ocean currents, its effect on living organisms, rehabilitation and rescue of marine life as well as the preservation of marine environment and different plants and animals species.
  • The knowledge that these professionals obtain from these marine studies is taken to the appropriate administration in order to act immediately in saving marine environment.
  • Marine biologists indulge in different activities which ranges from laboratory or office work to field based environments. Their responsibilities include a thorough research conducted in laboratory areas and on fields, project managements, data analysis and interpretation, preparing various reports for marine assessment, doing research works and presenting them accordingly. They also conduct various programs to enhance awareness and educate the public regarding anthropogenic problems that the marine life faced.

Condition of work of a marine biologist

Marine biologists work either in the office, laboratory or in the field where marine life is present. Their work involves an extended physical and living activity surrounding the water.

Educational requirements of a marine biologist

In order to become a marine biologist, a bachelor’s degree in inspection, management, teaching and applied research is essential. However, if you want an academia and independent research, doctoral degree is mostly required.

Occupation and Progress of a marine biologist

Job employment for marine biologists is steadily rising from year 2008 up to 2018. However, a marine biologist with an advance experience and degree earns quick employment than those with minimum experience.

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