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Plant And Equipment Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

A Plant and Equipment Maintenance Supervisor has the responsibility of supervising, planning and implementing all maintenance activities in the plant in order to maximize production while adhering to standard safe practices and procedures, environmental and legislative requirements.

Nature of Work

Maintenance supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all plant and equipment are in top operating conditions and are available for production as needed. They should have excellent understanding of the company’s operating procedures and policies; have the commitment to put them into practice and ensure that all of them comply with the requirements as outlined by certifying authorities. Maintenance supervisors are involved in organizing and planning regular maintenance work on all equipment and systems within the plant. They are in charge of reviewing and rationalizing preventive maintenance procedures, evaluating and maximizing maintenance procedures in collaboration with other support personnel and staff. They are also responsible of overseeing the activities of maintenance personnel so that they are in compliance with the company’s regulations concerning safety procedures thus minimizing personal injury risks, environmental and company asset damage. They should be able to develop maintenance personnel work schedule, work force size and changes in staff composition. They should be able to handle emergencies and adjust work schedules as needed.


Plant and Equipment Maintenance Supervisors should posses the ability to supervise skilled workers and wide experience in plant operations. They should have excellent troubleshooting ability, technical knowledge of production equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, computer operations, and ability to motivate maintenance personal under pressure. Maintenance supervisors should be able to coordinate several projects simultaneously, and should be able to generate ideas that can lead to reduction of cost and improvement of work processes. They should have excellent communication, problem solving, and organizational skills.

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