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Cargo Sales Agent Job Description

A cargo sales agent expedites the movements of incoming and outgoing cargo through different modes of transport such as by plane, truck or train. He or she makes sure that customers’ orders are taken properly and that cargo is picked up for delivery. The cargo sales agent prepares and examines bills of lading in order to determine appropriate tariffs and shipping charges.

Nature of Work

Cargo sales agent have the responsibility to give excellent service to both domestic and international cargo customers including providing assistance such as making online reservations and booking or by telephone/telex, rate quotes, and regulatory information about shipments. They are in charge of coordinating the dispatch or retrieval of cargo, mail to and from the plane, as well as load planning and terminal operations. They negotiate and arrange transfer of cargos with freight or shipping companies. Cargo sales agents have the duty to notify consignees and customers about the arrival of their cargo and arrange its delivery. They are also in charge of informing clients about payment methods. Additionally, they also prepare manifests that show the baggage, freight weights and transmit this data to their proper destinations. They also need to retrieve store items, and if necessary, trace lost shipments, verify and inspect all cargo according to dimensions, size, weight, count, and physical condition. Cargo sales agents are tasked with making sure that documentations of all shipments are received in order.


The cargo sales agent must be knowledgeable about the methods and principles involved in moving goods by air, sea, rail or road systems, including the costs and benefits in using each one of them. They are also expected to know how to provide excellent customer service including how to assess customers’ needs, how to meet the quality standards and evaluating customer satisfaction. Cargo sales agents must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and good reading comprehension skills. They must know how to focus on what people are trying to tell them, and posses the ability to think critically, being able to use logic and reasoning to solve problems, arrive at conclusions and design solutions.

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