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McDonalds Manager Job Description

McDonalds Company is the largest fast food chain/restaurant in the world. One of the most common crew in McDonalds restaurant is a manager. Read on for the job description of a McDonalds manger.

What is a McDonalds manger?

A manager in McDonalds plays a vital role in maintaining quality service to their consumers. Fast-food managers are persons who make sure that the restaurant run smoothly. Duties may include employee and personnel supervision, food sanitation and preparation and customer service. McDonalds managers are required to be organized, have the capacity to work under pressure, possess a strong skill in customer service and enjoy food preparation.

Duties of McDonalds Manager

  • McDonalds managers hire, train, schedule, and supervise other McDonalds employees. They can also train and manage assistant managers and appoint crew leaders but this generally depends upon the size of the restaurant. Managers are also responsible in the payroll, periodic reviews on employees and provide some disciplinary action.
  • A fast-food manager oversees all food preparation aspects, cooking, and cold prep as well as storage and food disposal. They also make sure that orders are completed in a timely manner and are properly served. They also perform inventory and order supplies and foods needed in the restaurant.
  • McDonalds managers should ensure that McDonalds restaurant along with the employees provide good customer service, including serving and completing all orders quickly, maintaining courteousness and being efficient, maintaining a clean restrooms, restaurants and parking areas. Managers should also respond on their customer’s queries, complaints and comments.

Condition of work

McDonalds managers can work at any shift, evenings, holidays and weekends. Mangers may also work at long hours in order to compensate for any relevant issues like staffing issues and should also change work schedules on a short notice.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a McDonalds manager, a degree in business administration or any related field is essential. Trainings may be obtained on-the-job and work experience is also required by some employers. A fast-food manager should possess good communication skills and must work well even under pressure.


The salary for McDonalds Managers may vary depending on the work experience, location and size of the restaurant that they are handling. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a McDonalds manager is about $26,000 – $35,000 [Glassdoor].

McDonalds Manager Job Application Form Online

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