Liaison Job Description

A liaison is a broad term and works in a wide variety of settings. Most people are still unfamiliar with the duties of a liaison officer. Below is the list of information to read on about job description of a liaison officer.

What is a liaison?

The job title as liaison officer is a professional who coordinates multiple activities of many different agencies or companies. A liaison officer works in many various fields even though the fundamental functioning of the position has lots of similarities.

Duties of a liaison

  • Liaison officers are responsible in ensuring proper communication as well as cooperation between the 2 entities or more through serving as a connector or official go-between on the top ranking officials in each organization.
  • Liaisons are expected to have some supervisory responsibility on the particular organization they are working with. The organization gives them authority in ordering the necessary changes in order to make sure that the 2 organizations or entities complete the given task.
  • Liaison officers work for federal agency or law enforcement agency such as FBI or can also serve as representatives in the FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Liaisons are responsible in coordinating various activities with other groups and agencies that are responding in natural disasters or serious crimes.
  • In military field, a liaison officer usually coordinates the efforts with other multiple battalions. While in an industry, liaison officers make sure that 2 companies are working together so as to complete or meet the goal of product in an efficient manner.

Condition of work

Liaison officers mostly work in long hours and are also expected to work during nighttime and even at weekends depending on the specific type of organization or company the liaisons represent.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a liaison, it is beneficial to accomplish a degree in any related field like business administration, accounting or finance. Candidates that hold a master’s degree or a doctorate degree in emergency management is a top notch for most employers. Employers also require some prior work experience in the field.

Occupation and Progress

Liaison officers mostly earn high pay rates in their fields. For instance, on October 2009, liaison officers that are in the area of emergency management most likely earn about $79,713 to $111,910. The high salary range can be earned by liaison directors and liaison officers in the particular field with several years of work experience.

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