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Banking Job Description

The Personal Banker works in the branch and is responsible for generating business and deepening relationships with clients.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Personal Banker is responsible for selling products and services to potential and existing customers.
  • The Personal Banker is responsible for quality customer service.
  • The Personal Banker is responsible for aggressive sales to potential new customers.

The Personal Banker is responsible for the selling of products like Credit Cards, CDs, IRAs, and Loans to customers who make a good credit risk. The Personal Banker takes the loan application from the customer, verifies their credit status, and employment record determining if they are eligible for one of the products that his bank offers. The assessment of the customer is primarily up to the Personal Banker which depends on the facts that he discovers upon investigation. The customer may want an unsecured credit card but the credit score is too low. This is not a loss of sale instead the Personal Banker must convenience the customer that they would be better off with a secured credit card. The secured credit card requires that the customer open up a savings account and deposit money into the account to cover the amount of the loan on the prepaid credit card. The Personal Banker has turned the low credit score into two transactions one of opening up a savings account and the other of selling the customer credit. This was a way your Personal Banker could create positive results for you and for the bank.

The Personal Banker must take loan applications and be capable of investigating to determine if the customer could have a line of credit with the bank. Sometimes the customer has an excellent record and giving them a loan is easily done. When there are problems with their credit record then the Personal Banker needs to determine the circumstances behind the problem credit and what if anything could be done to give the customer credit. When a line of credit has been determined then the Personal Banker must make sure that the customer is fully aware of what is disclosed on the loan agreement before the customer signs the contract. Explaining things to the customer is very important. The Personal Banker must explain the interest rate, if there are any yearly member fees, and what the percentage of fee is charged in case the payment is late. All these things are important to the customer and most certainly vital to the lending agency.

The Personal Banker must have a minimum of one year successful sales experience in a salary plus incentive environment or in a sales-goal environment with defined goals and accountabilities where you met or exceeded these goals. The Personal banker must be skilled in optimizing sales opportunities to existing and walk-in customers. The Personal Banker must have the capability to generate new business by outbound calling and by reaching out into the local community. In other words the Personal Banker must have Entrepreneurial, ownership-oriented mindset. The Personal Banker must have excellent oral and written communication skills with exceptional influencing skills. The Personal Banker must have the ability to work effectively as a team member and with customers. The Personal Banker must possess strong analytical and problem solving skills. The Personal Banker must have the ability to derive innovative solutions. In this type of business the Personal Banker needs to be able to establish credibility quickly with customers. They need the customers to trust in them in order to get the customers to buy some of the products that are offered by the bank. In order to be able to make sales and be trusted by their peers a Personal Banker must possess strong work ethic and high integrity.

The Personal Banker needs good communication skills both written and verbally also being bilingual speaking a second or third language is very helpful. The ability to make sales and keep the customer happy is very important in a retail banking environment. The Personal Banker must be able to use the computer knowing software programs like Word, Outlook, and Excel etc. Part of the job requirements knows how to search the internet, keeping database, and providing reports to the superiors. The Personal Banker must have the ability to maintain the office team keeping them up-to-date with advertisement programs and customer lists.

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