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Internal Auditor Job Description

In track of the Internal Audit director the auditor is accountable for the judicious implementation of risk-based internal audits in agreement with the twelve-monthly inspection diagram, as well as supporting with other review matters and directives.

The Internal Auditor carries out assessment and special administration studies by carrying out self-governing appraisals of departmental assets and their purpose. Within allotted control, under the management of the Director, Internal review, the internal auditor will execute an extensive series of declaration and consultative services to the business in support of effectual control, answerability and performance.

The Internal Auditor must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Internal Auditor is responsible for creating risk assessments for, and the development of, annual internal audit plans. The auditor executes and guides inspections/ individual appraisals with reference to diverse functions to congregate project and personal contribution. It is the job of the IA to recognize, assign and carry out responsibilities, organize/supervise labor, control inventory/project resources, combine outcome, and other development functions and systematize risk based assessment /appraisals.
  • As an Internal auditor you will map and implement coursework in agreement with the company guidelines on Internal Audit, and with orientation to the principles of the ACUA and the IIA, the germane operational improved methodology and the yearly internal audit diagram. The IA will also instruct staff during the audit/review with the outlook of ensuring orthodoxy with applicable guidelines and measures in all stages of the audit progression.
  • The IA documents, estimates and analyzes labor-intensive and computerized systems and controls to verify their subsistence, sufficiency, efficiency and stability ensuring efficiency of operations, fulfillment with regulation, policy, contracts and legal requirements.

Skills that Internal Auditor should posses:

  • The ability to involve yourself in several projects and tasks, with regularly varying priorities and developing concerns.
  • The skill to communicate efficiently, both orally and in writing, to internal and external clients
  • The proper discipline and knowledge to construct associations and employ peers and customers, comprehend their production requirements, while maintaining qualified impartiality;
  • The IA is expected to affect sound and impartial ruling to ensure observance with internal audit guidelines and proactively control divergence in sensitive circumstances.
  • A Internal Auditor is expected to practice exemplary human relations and communication skills; the aptitude to work under stress; and a dedication to offer exceptional customer service are also required.

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