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Systems Accountants Job Description

Systems Accountants are responsible for analyzing the financial information needs of companies. They review their existing financial systems and design the most efficient and effective way to meet those requirements.

They have the duty to support the company’s decision makers and coordinate with both business executives and the people who will create the technology or systems. They have an important task in implementing company wide change by carrying out a successful information system which will benefit the entire company.

Nature of Work

Systems Accountants are tasked with reviewing, developing, testing and implementing the company’s information system. They usually work with Business Analysts in analyzing their current financial system to determine what needs to be reconfigured, changed or re-engineered in order to streamline and develop best business practices in the company. To facilitate the generation of routine reports, they design automated systems of accounting and reporting, including their implementation and maintenance. As part of their efforts in improving business practices and implementing improvement programs, they are also responsible for investigating issues of inefficiencies in systems and personnel. Their assistance in assessing alternative solution using software is required, as well as in selecting and acquiring the right one as needed. System accountants are also in charge of maintaining databases which are associated with capturing and manipulating data. They must also possess extensive knowledge about all things that relate to the finance and accounting process. They need to define the process of data gathering and streamline this process, analyze results and summarize them in a written report. System accountants also do cost analysis and identify opportunities where cost can be reduced significantly. They are expected to have a deep understanding of the accounting process between the company’s general ledger and product systems, including maintaining and improving the control procedures on reconciliations and reporting.


Systems accountants must have an accounting, business or finance degree, or a qualified CPA. They must be familiar and have complete understanding of standard accounting systems and an in-depth knowledge of accepted financial an d accounting principles and practices. They should also have excellent computer skills and office applications such as word processors, databases, and spreadsheets, other special financial and accounting software. Systems accountants must be highly motivated, possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. They should be able to understand and convey accounting/financial technical terms to others using plain language. They must have strong people management, problem-solving and analytical skills, with a proven ability to manage time properly, set priorities, plan and organize work, delegate task in order to accomplish goals.

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