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Janitor Resume

Frank CLeaner
123 Any Town · USA 98109
[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

My objective is to work for you keeping your building (s), clean and in an orderly condition. I am experienced at doing janitorial work and know what is expected from me.

v  My experience is in cleaning with mops, brooms, and electronic equipment.

v  My experience in grounds keeping is mowing, trimming, and gardening.

v  My experience is in over all mass cleaning of such things as windows, walls, doors and floors.

v  I am a high school graduate with an outstanding record, well known in my local church.

Professional Experience

Big Apple bldg– Any Town, USA                                                                             2000 to Present


I worked in their office building cleaning, taking care of public bathrooms, washing windows, buffing floors and cleaning of the inter-office.

I worked in offices that required privacy doing their dusting, plant care and emptying trash.

  • I worked after hours mopping, scrubbing and buffing keeping the building expertly clean.
  • I worked on the grounds mowing the grass, keeping the parking lots free of debris and snow removal when needed.

Big Orange Building – Any Town, USA                                                                     1997 to 2000


I was the janitor for this building right out of high school until they sold out and became the Big Apple Bldg I did all the initial cleaning and supervised others under me in order to keep the premises clean.

I was in charge of mixing of cleaning chemicals and safety control in hazmat.

  • I worked doing all of the necessary cleaning, supervised others, and chemical control.
  • I was also in charge of the furnace, air conditioning and any plumbing problems.
  • I assisted in doing set-up and clean-up for special events or meetings.

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