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Ross Stores Job Description

An off price retailer that is second largest in America. The company offers moderately priced in- season and quality apparels, accessories, and footwear for, men, women, and children. They also offer a wide assortment of house merchandise. Families save 20%- 70% off every day at Ross Stores. With a fast paced changing environment the store has become a challenge and only employees who love challenges and working with teams that are collaborative and encouraging will be deemed perfect for a career in Ross Stores.

Ross Stores Job Positions and Duties

  • Ross Stores Store Manager Job Description

Handling every phase of day to day store operation, the store manager follows standards and protocol that the company provides to ensure efficacy of store operations to achieve sales and profitability goals. He/ she is responsible for the recruitment and training of new employees developing them to deliver good quality customer service which should be maintained all throughout store operations.

Ross Stores Store Manager Salary: $53, 236

  • Ross Stores Area Supervisor Job Description

As a member of the supervisory team, an area supervisor is responsible for the areas assigned to him/ her although he/ she can monitor and supervise overall store operation when assigned supervisor of the day. The Area supervisor opens and closes the store, supervises the sales team, ensure the provision of superior customer service, and monitor the movement of merchandise.

Ross Stores Area Supervisor Salary: $23, 250

  • Ross Stores Retail Associate Job Description

The Retail Associate is assigned in one department where he/ she must be able to know and familiarize products in order for him/ her to help out a customer and provide the customer with the right product he/ she is looking for. The Retail Associate makes sure that display shelves are tidy and organized to make products more appealing to customers. The Retail Associate also makes sure that products are easily seen and found by the customers.

Ross Stores Retail Associate Hourly Salary: $7.50

  • Ross Stores Cashier Job Description

The Cashier is responsible for handling cash in the registry. Assisting customers finish their purchase politely and courteously. Cashiers are responsible for maintaining the balance of their registry.

Ross Stores Cashier Hourly Salary: $7.65

  • Ross Stores Stocker Job Description

The Stocker takes care of the stocks that arrive in the warehouse he unloads all the stocks and while at the warehouse he can start placing prices on every item. He then brings it out for the retail associate to organize and arrange it on shelves. The Stocker should see to it that all stocks are complete and ready when needed.

Ross Stores Stocker Hourly Salary: $7.81

Ross Stores Job Application Form Online

Ross Stores has various positions to fill in. See if you could find an opportunity to work for this great company. http://rossstores.com/job_search.aspx

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  1. I have worked in the Bay area Ross’s for 17 years, it was a great experience, and meet so many great associates although there were a lot of responsibilities, I knew it would allow me to grow and be where I am right now, many thanks to those who gave me the opportunity to work aside them and get trained in many departments and stores. (730 forever)!

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