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Server Job Description

For any food and beverage business, there are key roles to make the flow of the business smooth and in order. There are several positions in this business to consider and each of them contributes to the success of a business. Whatever is done to the customer by any of the staff reflects the quality of customer service a business has. One of the front people in a food and beverage business is the server.

What is a Server?

A Server is someone who is responsible in keeping with the customers’ orders and requests for their satisfaction is a food and beverage business establishment. This job can also be referred to as a waiter or waitress, but server is more commonly used nowadays.

Duties of a Server

  • A Server is tasked to greet the customers upon entering the food and beverage establishment he works for. After which he then guides the customers to where they want to be seated and if the restaurant has lots of customers, find an empty table they can take their seats.
  • It is the duty of the Server then to hand out the menu; give the customers recommendations on which food are best sellers and describes the food of how it is cook and such if the customers ask for their assistance in understanding the menu. He is then tasked to take note of their meal and drinks order ensuring through repeating the order to the customers that he got all the order correctly.
  • A Server is responsible to let the kitchen crew know the order of the customers he serves. At most establishments, he will also be the one in charge to serve the food to the customers.
  • While waiting for the food order to be placed at the customers’ table, it is the Server’s duty to make sure that the needs of the customers are met: plates, utensils and glasses are in place; table napkins or tissues are present; beverages are correctly placed as per customer’s order and other customer requests are satisfied as much as the server can. When the food is already set and the customers are getting their fill, a Server ensures that their glasses are refilled for bottomless orders and water is also provided; he also dishes out plates, glasses and utensils that the customers may not need anymore.
  • A Server is responsible for giving the customers their bill after their meal and collects the payment. He may also run the payment in the cash register is he is assigned such role. He helps in cleaning of the tables, refill condiments, and set up the table in the proper manner that he is taught.
  • A Server may also be assigned to other duties such as floor mopping, restroom cleaning, replenishing of stocks in the service area, etc. that may be performed before, during and after their meal service.

Work Condition of a Server

A food and beverage establishment is the typical workplace of a server. He works eight hours a day but longer hours may apply during peak times. He may even work in shifting schedules if the establishment is opened twenty-four hours a day.

A Server should have the physical strength as he carries trays of food, plates, glasses and utensils and cleans tables, floors and other areas in his daily routine. He has the interpersonal skills to work with the other staff in the establishment. He adheres to authority and easily follows directions given. He is also required to be punctual and appear neat and clean all the time. It is also important for a Server to have good memory to easily learn and remember the food and beverages that the establishment offers to be able to assist the customers in deciding their orders.

Educational Requirements of a Server

The minimum requirement to be a Server is a high school diploma and a little experience. For other fine dining establishments, extensive knowledge on beverages, food ingredients and wine service may be needed and others may require certain classes to be completed before the start of work.

Occupation and Progress of a Server

A Server is in high demand as the food and beverage establishment is always on the rise. Establishments are on the lookout of that great server to work for them to provide great customer service not just to the customers but to the business as well. A server through enough experience and exemplary performance may be promoted to a higher position as supervisor or other high-level position in a food business. A server may also acquire a related course or degree to be able to land a higher position in the company.

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