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McDonald Cashier Job Description

McDonald fast food chain is one of the most eminent food chains that are present on almost all areas of the continent except Antarctica. One of the most fast-paced crew jobs in McDonalds is becoming a cashier.

What is a McDonald cashier?

A McDonald’s cashier is a crew that requires physical nimbleness, excellent multitasking capability and friendliness. They are responsible for monetary transactions that are within McDonald establishment. They play an important role for any fast-food chain as they are in charge in handling the money that makes McDonald company profitable.

Duties of a McDonald Cashier

  • The foremost duty of a McDonald cashier is to simply take order, reflect the following orders in the computer, take money from the customer and provide accurate change.
  • Cashiers are mostly responsible in fetching for customer drinks, glasses or cups, fries and other side orders.
  • McDonald cashiers retrieve completed burgers and sandwiches from their kitchen and immediately arrange them on the tray for customers who opt dine-in or in a plastic bag for take-out orders.
  • Cashiers must make sure that enough amounts of condiments and napkins accompany every order taken.
  • McDonald cashiers are expected to work under a manager or supervisor and should be able to follow guidelines and instructions. It is vital that cashiers possess a good skills in customer- and can work in a team.

Condition of Work of a McDonald Cashier

  • McDonald cashiers often receive the burden from dissatisfied customers and frustrations. With this, cashiers must be readily prepared and should remain calm to be able to deal with it smoothly and effectively.
  • Whenever the manager is not around to address customer’s need, cashiers should have the ability to utilize good judgment skills in order to determine if food replacement is appropriate.

Educational Requirements of a McDonald Cashier

  • Becoming a cashier at McDonalds doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree in any course. On the job training is usually provided that is why fast food cashiers do not generally require prior work experience.
  • Some employers may look for GED or a high school diploma in order to get the job.

Occupation and Progress of a McDonald Cashier

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS in United States, McDonald cashiers are allowed to take orders and receive money from their customers at any counter. They are also allowed to work at drive-through windows wherein they may also take orders, handle food preparations and receive payments from customers.

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