LPN Dialysis Personnel Job Description

There are several online nursing programs that offer quality LPN training. Becoming an LPN is one of the fast-paced careers in the field of nursing. LPNs have various specialties depending on their designated workplace and one of the most challenging LPN duties is being assigned in a dialysis department.

What is an LPN dialysis personnel?

The LPN dialysis personnel is a health care professional who is responsible in collecting vital data to the patient such as temperature, blood pressure, weight, height and current medications. The LPN dialysis personnel help patients in the dialysis department by providing health teaching on the procedure and answering related questions.

Duties of LPN dialysis personnel

  • The LPN dialysis personnel are responsible in many various tasks that are involved in providing quality health care to their patient.
  • The LPN collects patient data which includes name, age, date of birth, signs and symptoms as well as medications taken. These are important data in a nursing process.
  • The LPN dialysis personnel nurse must assess and chart any nursing interventions performed as this are relevant before starting the dialysis procedure.
  • These health professionals are also responsible in giving appropriate health education regarding the expectations on the procedure before dialysis, during the procedure and after dialysis. Dialysis should start and end with proper application, quality care and with health teachings.
  • Before starting the dialysis, the LPN nurse should make sure that all equipments are functional. Furthermore, it is crucial to assess first the circulatory status of the patient with the use a intravenous catheter. An anticoagulant drug is administered into the catheter to prevent formation of blood clots.
  • LPN dialysis personnel nurse should also perform basic precautions in order to prevent any occurrence of infection to the punctured site.

Condition of Work of LPN dialysis personnel

The LPN dialysis personnel mostly work in a long term health facility or large hospitals with a dialysis department. Appropriate training regarding dialysis procedure is crucial before entering as a dialysis LPN.

Educational Requirements of LPN dialysis personnel

In order to become LPN dialysis personnel, a LPN training program should be obtained from any accredited vocational colleges and technical schools. After getting the certification as LPN, it is important to be knowledgeable on dialysis equipments, administration of medications in the dialysis area and knows how to insert the intravenous catheter.

Occupation and Progress of LPN dialysis personnel

Job prospects for LPN dialysis personnel shows a steady increase up to the present. The average wage of LPN dialysis personnel in US is about $41,000 per annum which is about $1,000 higher than salary earned by LPN alone.

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