Nurse Case Manager Job Description

The trend of the nursing field has changed dramatically for the past decades. The demand for nurses keeps on accelerating and new positions have been created. One of the positions that have been created is the nurse case manager. Because of this, a nurse case manager could be a right choice of career for you. It is the most in-demand position in nursing today.

Are you interested to be a nurse case manager? Let’s discuss the nature of work of nurse case manager.

What is a Nurse Case Manager?

A nurse case manager is a registered nurse (RN) who ensures efficient and prompt health services to patients from the time they are admitted to the medical facility until they are discharged. They make certain patients and families receive quality nursing care.

Duties of a Nurse Case Manager

Prompt and effective health services are important to any patient. Nurse case managers act as bridge between health care personnel, patients, and their families for ensuring efficient health care services. They develop care plans, which include patient admission or referral, administering therapies and treatments, doses of patient’s medication, and evaluating the results of patient’s health care plans. Occasionally, nurse case managers examine physician’s orders and study health care plans in order to make necessary modifications. Nurse case managers may oversee and advise nursing staffs for a physical care of patients.

In other cases, nurse case managers purchase services for patients and have a control for healthcare resources. Aside from that, they may also give medical advice and emotional support for the patient. They may start a patient education based on the assessment data and on patient’s recent knowledge and needs.

Work Condition of a Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case managers often work in the hospital, community health organizations, long-term facilities, rehab centers, and case management companies. They work in the healthcare environment overseeing nursing staffs and making sure effective provision of health care services. Most of the time a nurse case manager’s work requires standing since nurse case managers ensure prompt health services. In this profession, it requires a lot of patience also because he/she is dealing with people with illness or injury. A nurse case manager must have a careful attention to details for carrying basic nursing tasks and a great interaction with patients.

There are also instances a nurse case manager may lift up 50 lbs. and transfer patients in emergency cases. Occasionally, they work outdoors for home visits.

Educational Requirements of a Nurse Case Manager

The minimum educational requirement for a nurse case manager is a graduate of approved school of nursing and has a recent nursing license. The years of experience of the individual in nursing is also considered and the skills of nurse management. In most positions, a one-year experience is required.

Occupation and Progress of a Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager’s job is demanding since it requires a lot of focus and a careful attention to details in carrying nursing tasks and in interacting with patients. Although the job is demanding, it is also rewarding to watch patients if you help them to make them feel better. To progress in this job, a nurse case manager must continue to his/her education and trainings in nursing. One may take up a master’s degree in nursing or a doctorate degree.

According Bruce Barton, most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand. Failure will not hinder to your ladder of success if your determination is strong.

What are you waiting for? Start now your career as a nurse case manager.

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