Pediatric Oncologist Job Description

One of the deadliest diseases that affect a person at various age-groups is cancer. Cancer that occurs at childhood is an uncommon occurrence as children with cancer in the US only make up about 1% of overall cancer patients, according to the SCCA or Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. With this, a pediatric oncologist is the first person that most parents prefer as they specialize in this field.

What is a pediatric oncologist?

Pediatric oncologists are medical professionals who specialize with the diagnosis and treatment of cancers that occur during childhood. These professionals possess an advanced education, training and experience that allow them to thoroughly understand how cancers affect children in a different way than adults do.

Duties of a pediatric oncologist

  • Pediatric oncologists are responsible in managing, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of cancers that occur in children such as cancer of the blood or leukemia. Pediatric oncologists are well-trained in various oncology procedures such as biopsies, surgeries and tumor or cysts removal.
  • They may also utilize other cancer therapies like chemotherapy or radiation therapy in order to treat cancers at localized are.
  • The duties of pediatric oncologists may also involve relieving adverse effects of different cancer treatment and treating signs and symptoms of cancer that is experienced by the patient.
  • Pediatric oncologists consult with patient’s family members and refer to other physicians in order to develop an accurate patient history. Additionally, they conduct physical assessments and examinations and other diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, test results and biopsies. They discuss all the necessary treatment options with their patient’s caregivers and family. Pediatric oncologists also work as a team of other oncology specialists so as to provide the best possible treatment option for children suffering from.

Condition of Work

Pediatric oncologists usually work in an excellent work setting. They are assigned in the oncology unit or any long term facilities or hospitals. They are also required to have an on-call duty in order to meet their patient’s needs.

Educational Requirements

Pediatric oncologists are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree which usually lasts about 4 years and are mostly in science fields like biology and chemistry. After graduation, aspiring students should earn another 4 year program in any medical school and an internship or residency program along with specialization training in pediatric oncology.

Occupation and Progress

A Pediatric oncologist IS part of the surgeons and doctors job category, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS. The BLS also projects a job growth of 22% on 2008 up to 2018. Median salaries for pediatric oncologists may range about $186,044 to $339,738 per annum.

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