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Equipment Manager Job Description

Equipments are materials that are needed to carry out certain task or duties. This might be things that are used for recreational activities like sports or camping, and even for making community buildings. Equipments are also used in different types of job. The security of using these equipments by the clients or the handlers is the major responsibility of an Equipment Manager.

What is an Equipment Manager?

An Equipment Manager is responsible for checking the quality of the materials being used in a certain job or a recreational activity. He makes sure that the equipments are user friendly, functional and safe. He assists in assembling the equipments in the area of activity.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Equipment Manager

In general the Equipment Manager does the following:

  • He is responsible for securing all needed equipments in a company or a recreational center.
  • He is also responsible for making sure that the equipments are in good condition and it is always functional.
  • He assures that all materials are well maintained and well repaired.
  • He makes the budget and searches various equipments in cases of upgrading those for the betterment of the company.
  • He manages the requisitions of new set of equipments.
  • He also makes the inventory of those equipments and assures that these are highly available.
  • He inspects all the equipments to make an assurance that it is clean and functional, or if it needs any repair or to be replaced.
  • He provides a storage place for all of the equipments.

In the area of sports an Equipment Manager are also responsible of the following:

  • He oversees the gears used by the athletes if it needs adjustment or it fits.
  • He oversees the laundry operation and the locker maintenance of the athletes.
  • He assigns the designated lockers of each team member.
  • He manages the transportation of the equipments of the team during off-home events. He is also responsible for setting up these equipments.
  • He also coordinates with the coaches for the equipment evaluations.

Educational Background of an Equipment Manager

An Equipment Manager’s Education Background actually depends on what kind of company he is working with. If it is in a medical field, it is mainly done by those who have a Biomedical Engineering background. If he works in a company that handles heavy equipments, a mechanical engineer is recommended. However, since one of the most important roles of their job is purchasing good materials, an individual who has a bachelor degree in Business Administration can also make this a career. In camping sites or other recreational centers, a high school graduate can do this job, as long as he knows how to manage the materials.

Skills and Qualifications of a Equipment Manager

  • An equipment manager must have good communication skills.
  • He must know how to keep a good relation with the athletes and other workers.
  • He must have the passion in securing all the equipments for the safety of the users.
  • He must be updated on the latest technologies in the market in cases of upgrading or replacing the equipments.
  • He must be in good health to carry out physical demands especially for those who are working with heavy equipments.
  • He must be knowledgeable on the equipments and machines being purchased so that repairs and troubleshooting can be done easily.

Working Environment of an Equipment Manager

An Equipment Manager usually works outdoors, especially in cases of the athletic equipment managers. Time of working is like the traditional, however there are instances that repairs are needed or games schedules are late. Travel is possible while self-employment is quite rare.

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