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Network Representative Job Description

The Network Representative offer guidance, relationships, and solutions to help clients meet financial goals and objectives. Their role in working with any major corporation is being the liaison between company and client.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Network Representative should be capable to provide asset and income protection along with estate analysis and retirement solutions.
  • The Network Representative helps clients and employees with personal needs analysis, trust services and business needs analysis.
  • The Network Representative must help with investment and offer advisory services.

The Network Representative must be the type of person who is a self starter, needs a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution, have strong interpersonal skills and have a history of personal success. The Network Representative works with many clients and is instrumental in helping each client become more profitable and investing in retirement plans, trust programs and making good business needs analysis. The Network Representative must focus on each client individually making a successful plan of action that fits the client’s needs. The Network Representative must also be able to perform his duties helping the client while making a substantial profit for the company that they represent.

Most Network Representatives work for Mutual Financial Network companies. Since the Network Representative normally has to work independently finding clients then he must be a self-starter, with good communication skills. The Network Representative must have good computer skills knowing several software programs, email applications and the capability to keep a database. The Network Representative must keep up to date on corporate investments from all companies, how the stock market is going, and how other financial institutions are profiting.

Most Network Representatives have key contacts that help them not only increase clients but also can keep them a breast of good investment opportunities. Investment opportunities are vital to the clients business and to the personal success of the Network Representative. The Network Representative usually has a portfolio that he can present to new upcoming clients in order to convince them of his success rate in the investment world. The Network Representative offers top rated insurance products to their clients. They give them advice on Trust Services in order to maintain a quality network for all investors.

Most Network Representatives give personal needs analysis along with business needs analysis. You should be able to work in a fast pace environment. The needs of clients are ever changing and so is the economy. Most Network Representatives have had experience from other Network Representatives working an internship while still in college. In this manner new Network Representatives are able to gain the right connections in both the financial world and the world of clients that he will need in order to be successful. In this environment you will find many value driven, fast paced, highly productive individuals who make great Network Representatives. Insurance and Mutual Financial Corporations find that with the right Network Representatives can help increase business.

Network Representatives Qualifications:

  • The Network Representative must have good communication skills.
  • The Network Representative must be capable of building a client list.
  • The Network Representative must be capable of doing market analysis daily.
  • The Network Representative must do business analysis
  • The Network Representative must do personal analysis for clients
  • The Network Representative must be capable of doing Estate Analysis.
  • The Network Representative must handle Trust Services.
  • The Network Representative must take charge of Investment and Advisory Services.
  • The Network Representative must be capable of good customer relations.
  • The Network Representative must be able to have good contacts and keep up-to-date with the financial market.

The Network Representative must be a self starter, motivated to perform, with the capability to find customers and the knowledge to help them in whatever resources that are available. The positive moves are the ones that the Network Representative needs to make when assisting clients. Most Network Representatives stay on top of the world today and know the company position when it comes to providing good insurances and services. The financial position of the company depends on the things that the Network Representative can provide this is why good investments for their clients are vital. When the client is ahead so is the company that the Network Representative works for.

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